Hello Joomla 3.8.1 Ccomment git_992c315 site norwegia1.pl The voting system in comments not working example http://norwegia1.pl/wiadomosci/100-nie-znasz-jezyka-norweskiego-to-stracisz-prace.html...
New Member
i would like to have the administration-link in the notification mail instead of the base url of the site... thanks...
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I just bought Cforms because i really need the option to pre-populate fields with Community Builder fields. This is mentionned to be an option in Cforms, however unfortunately i can't find anywhere how to achieve this? (only Joomla standard fields, n...
Guy Evenepoel CForms supporter
No Ranking
Hello I try translate the field upload files, but can not find where are these words! Language files there is no any words this field. Can you tell me please the pathway, where I can translate these field? See the pic please, all words t...
MC Virtuox Hotspots supporter
Junior Member
I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; gethotspotsTab has a deprecated constructor in /home2/ffarms/public_html/http://arcadianmoon.com/compon...
Brandon Fahrmeier Hotspots supporter
New Member
Hello, currently Hotspots uses this pattern for single hotposts URLs: http://mydomain.tld/joomla-language-tag/hotspotcategoryIDdigit-hotspotcategorytextalias/hotspotIDdigit-hotspottextalias Is there anyway to get rid of the digits and that d...
Lieber Yves Hoppe, schon Ende 2016 hatte ich mich im Forum mit der Frage an Sie gewendet, welches Problem einem Fehler zugrunde liegen kann, der in unserer Matukio-Installation auftritt. Damals war es so, dass man im Buchungsprozess am Ende auf ei...
Martin Bock Matukio supporter
New Member
I use hotspots pro. I have just started to add another Category with locations. My initial category is about 15 miles away. Question: When zooming out, I want the user to be able to see all hotspots, in both categories. Is that possible or must I...
Bill Higbee Hotspots supporter
New Member
Ich habe in Matukio 6.1.5 ein eigenes Buchungsfeld vom Typ "textarea". Wenn ein Kunde darin einen Kommentar mitgibt, welcher normale Hochkommas enthält (französische Sprache), dann funktioniert der CSV Export nicht mehr. Das exportierte C...
Deborah Weber Matukio supporter
New Member
Hallo zusammen, nach dem Update haben wir hier doch einige Fragezeichen im Gesicht. Was ist z. B. mit "Edit the Event form for Frauenseminar first" gemeint, wenn ich eine Buchung aufrufe. Was soll da editiert werden? Eine Teilnehme...
Paul-Peter Jakobi Matukio supporter
New Member
Hi, Is there am option to import the event list from Facebook? John...
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Hallo Yves, in Matukio 7 lässt sich die Bearbeitungsansicht der Veranstaltungen nicht auf die Backendansicht umstellen. Egal ob Standard oder Einfacher Dateiupload angezeigt wird, es erscheint immer nur die einfache Eingabeseite. Pfad: Konfigurati...
Hubert Beck Matukio supporter
Junior Member
Using CMC with Community Builder in Joomla 3.7.5... a new user signs up and is added to both Community Builder and the MailChimp list. All synced data is stored. Great! However, how does someone edit the data? If a user edits their CB profile, does i...
Hallo nach dem Update auf Version 7 sind die Benutzerdefinierten Felder innerhalb der Veranstaltungen weg und können nicht neu angelegt werden. Veranstaltungen die solche Felder enthielten können nicht mehr gebucht werden (Buchungslink läuft ins L...
New Member
I was getting this error: encrypted_cross_dispatch=0XxmEYQZCCvvS9xFhmAlcOBNRPWGtQd5vrH0ObYXID8wQo7jLtJPeo3yqJRFbkScZWXT5zvvamAy6LND4uHFLR4ohRrSkE3E9_6T0G On Paypal payments. I upgraded Matukio to version 7 and it caused other problems so could yo...
Comments made by a logged in user do not show up (for them) after submitting te comment. They do see the comment count on the blog page has increased by one, but the comment itself below the article is not visible. I suspect this has to do with cachi...
Jip Jonker CComment supporter
New Member
Please see attached image. Above form is through Acymailing that uses the site css and bottom is Mailchimp that uses its own css. How can I change the CSS for Mailchimp so it looks like the form above (fitting with the rest of the page format)...
Hi, please is it possible to add category name to markers info window (view without tabs and menu)? I think it should be in default_infowindowmarker.php, but I don't know variable for category name... Thank you....
Milan Grniak Hotspots supporter
New Member
Hi, I am looking for a comment component allows users to choose an option from a list of images. I was wondering if CComment custom fields can make this task. If it does I can go purchase a subscription. Do you have a demo of back-end admin? Thank y...
Hello, why is the comment count still 0, after I published the first comment? I have to manually clean the cache to display the correct number thank you...

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