Hello everyone, How to set Booking Form with Community Builder and is there a booking form for booking? Thank you in advance to all those who want to give me a hand. Best regards...
Yves Rubin Matukio supporter
New Member
Hallo bitte um Hilfe! Beim Kauf eines Tickets werden keine zusätzlichen Gebühren in der Rechnung angeführt. Der Kunde bekommt nur eine Rechnung mit dem normalen Ticketpreis ohne der zusätzlichen optionalen Gebühren wie zum Beispiel mit Essen, Getr...
Kurt Elsasser Matukio supporter
New Member
I'd be grateful if you could clarify the use of categories in CComment please. I guess Ccomment knows nothing about categories, simply passing data to the integration plugins - is that correct? I'm finding it difficult to reconcile the admin user ...
Martin Brampton CComment supporter
New Member
Hello, We are trying to display Custom fees in the book now section (See attached). The problem we are having is instead of displaying a value of £55 it displays -£25. It seems to only give the discount of the original ticket. Is there a way to f...
William Alden Matukio supporter
New Member
Hello If we have a quantity of guests greater than 1 the field titles add numbers for each additional guest. Example: Name Name * 1 Name * 2 This is causing our guest to assume Name 1 and Name 2 means the first and last name instead of a...
William Alden Matukio supporter
New Member
Hello, I'm using CMC for mailchimp in my website http://www.sertec.pt. Is there a way to put the button labels and messages in portuguese? Many thanks Guilherme...
Hi I dont know exactly if its possible yet or which exact things we do need but on 25.5 the GDPR (DSGVO) is coming Ok we can set opt-in (and double opt in) but is it possible to 1) add a checkbox to agree the data policy in the cmc module? 2) i...
New Member
My hosting service disabled the PHPMailer function for security reasons, I can only use the sending of emails through smtp. What is the function that cforms uses? Thank you...
got issues with mandrill API. Is it possible to add a failover to use send mail?? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/34426323/we-were-unable-to-decode-the-json-response-from-the-mandrill-api?utm_medium=organic&utm_source=google_rich_qa&utm_campai...
I would like to have the option to use a specific field in the settings to add (one or more) custom e-mail addresses where to send notifications to....
Jip Jonker CComment supporter
New Member
Hello, I thank you first for this great application, i want to make the map view on module , it just lists the locations i want to see as seen on the component through menu any help will be appricated kinldy abrham...
abrham assefa Hotspots supporter
New Member
Hi ! I have issue with latest Hotpots. Location not appear on website . It seem like loading data after upgrade version to 5.4.1 Pro . Any solve/suggestion for this issue? This is attachment for references. [attachment]JKR Negeri Lain.png[/attac...
Mohd Sallehuddin Mad Yusuf Hotspots supporter
No Ranking
Hello! I have some problems using the "user registration plugin". I have enabled the plugin on user registration and it appears in the registration form. However if i check "yes" on the newsletter question nothing happens. The us...
Hi!, ive installed cmc for joomla. when i change an user statos to "unsuscribed" and i shyncronize the lists...in my mailchimp account, the user is again "subscribed"...how can i put him unsubscribed in Joomla to put him in this s...
Hotspots Pro is working ok. However, it automatically puts the title of the page as "Hotspots". We need to be able to change the page title to reflect the purpose of the map since we will have more than 1 map. For example, the Map on https:...
Michael J Murphy Hotspots supporter
New Member
I want to get some text above and below the map but cant figure out how to do it! As its just a Menu item direct to the map and any text i put into the category doesnt show up anywhere - please help a duffer !! thanks...
Richard Hughes Hotspots supporter
New Member
Is it possible to include more than one subscription on the registration form? For example, I would like the person registering to be able to subscribe to more than one different newsletter lists....
Since the upgrade to CMC 4.1.0, visitors to my site (https://www.southshenandoah.net/) get these error messages upon clicking the Subscribe button: 400: The resource submitted could not be validated. For field-specific details, see the 'errors' ...
Good day, Is CMandrill still working? I installed it yesterday and as I was trying to get it to work and went into activity (not the first time but a few times later) I started getting error messages that made me return to the control panel. I uni...
Hi I need to upload Hebrew Google map How can I do that I 've not found Hebrew language on the list please advice Udi...
Udi ERTINET Hotspots supporter
New Member

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