I am marking this critical because I have a deadline I'm trying to meet with this component so if you can answer me quickly that would be most appreciated. I accidentally posted in the wrong forum - the core newbie area, when I actually have the Pro....
Lisa Renshaw Hotspots supporter
New Member
Is there a way in Hotspots to switch miles on as a default instead of kilometers? We live in the US and we don't use kilometers. Thanks...
Lisa Renshaw Hotspots supporter
New Member
Hello, How do i change the wording from "Paid Booking" to "Continue Booking" in Matukio? Please view the attached image for more details. Thank you ...
LYLE HUFF Matukio supporter
Junior Member
Bei Erstellung einer Veranstaltung über Frontend an einem Tablet oder Smartphone lässt sich das Beginndatum nicht eingeben oder ändern...
Harald Hiller Matukio supporter
New Member
Hallo Yves, in den Kalenderansichten der Veranstaltungen erscheinen die Events vor einem blauen Background. Monatsansicht = #3a87ad. Die Wochen- und Tagesansicht hat dagegen einen etwas helleren Background (Transparenz?) Das Problem: Die Websei...
Walter Fleritsch Matukio supporter
New Member
I get email notification of new comment, but link inside goes to home domain instead directly to new comment. This is hard to follow if you have more blogs. Wrong settings or this is normal? Site with comments: https://www.kalinero.si/slikoples...
New Member
I want to use an event's "long date format without time" in the certificate that is issued to participants. However, I can not find which placeholder will let me do this. Please help....
Neil Ireland Matukio supporter
Junior Member
Hello I am using CComents. It emails correctly to moderators when a new comment is put in but doe not appear to be sending to those who requested copies of any replies to their posts. I have an error message which might help with debug. I belie...
Hello Yves, We just realize that the export of the Signature list may have a bug. Indeed when we try to generate it what come up on the screen seems to be perfect but when printing (or save as PDF) the Layout is a bit off and the email show the na...
Pascal Wickert Matukio supporter
Senior Member
I have been unable to get CMC to pass along first name, last name and one other CB custom field during registration. This is using the community builder plugin. I have mapped the fields as described. I have also now removed the custom field from ma...
Hello I need to send regular emails to my users with test results. When users register they cannot have the option to subscribe to newsletters because they have to receive our update emails. With CMC Mailchimp can I hide the subscribe checkbox? ...
Hi Team, I have done an Update to Joomla 3.7.3... I think since this time, the Component will not work fine. When anybody will book a event, they can fill in to step 3 ... when the button "paid booking" they will go to step 1 back and...
Melanie Müller Matukio supporter
New Member
Hi there, Hoping for some help with this bug. I have installed CMC mailchimp and it successfully subscribes new users to Mailchimp and will even apply interest groups no problem. From there though it doesn't seem to work: 1) Won't unsubscrib...
New Member
Hi everyone, yesterday I bought Hotspots Pro because I use the Community Builder und I would like to show every user on a map. I thought that's a feature of the component. I do not see a possibility to import the users from the Community Builder. ...
Sascha Langguth Hotspots supporter
No Ranking
Hallo, seit ein paar Tagen bekomme ich von Zeit eine komische Fehlermeldung auf meiner Homepage angezeigt ( Hinweis: Sie müssen sich zuerst anmelden ). Alle Seiten meiner Homepage sind frei zugänglich, und es kann sich auch niemand irgendwo anmeld...
Sven Böcker Hotspots supporter
New Member
Hello, I tried filling out your web form to request some development but it won't submit. Could you please give me an email address to contact? I am after a paid service to install and configure CMC Mailchimp. I can't quite get it working and woul...
Hi, I just installed the latest version of Hotspots but is doesn't show the Google maps. It says: This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details. How can I fix this? Kind regards, Patrick Vosse...
Patrick Vosse Hotspots supporter
No Ranking
Hello, Now we have the Event Component on the live site. There are a few problems; 1. Google Map API will not function properly. Keep getting the error: This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical detai...
John Helbling Matukio supporter
New Member
Have got troubles with updating matukio for some weeks now...current version=5.2.8 ->???? doesn't work to 6.1.4....
New Member

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