Is it possible to change the "Paid Booking" wording. It seems to confuse users in the US. Prefer "Complete Booking"...
LYLE HUFF Matukio supporter
Junior Member
After upgrade to 5.0.5 I am not able to select image for the event overview anymore. I have access to a function to clear image but not to select any new. See enclosed pictur... [img size=300][/img]...
Arild Toft Matukio supporter
New Member
Hello, I need to know how to add a background image to the certificate template and make it landscape instead of portrait. I can get a regular image to port through the PDF system but not a background image. Any help would be much appreciated. Im ...
John Helbling Matukio supporter
New Member
Hi, is there a clean way to disable the get direction div in the event list view ? Whether i don't display it with css or override the template, I end up with the same result : the width of the map decrease a lot....
kang frederic Matukio supporter
New Member
Hi I'm trying to get a site that's currently using the regular PayPal plugin to use PayPal Pro instead. When I switch the plugins over and make a test transaction I get the Matukio confirmation page and relevant confirmation email, however it a...
stationers Matukio supporter
New Member
Hallo Yves, ich beziehe mich auf ein altes Ticket mit der No. 2837, hier nochmal der Inhalt: ich habe wieder eine Frage an dich. Ich möchte gerne ein spezielles Buchungsfeld einrichten. Zuerst soll über einen Radio Schalter mit JA / NEIN abgefrag...
Alexander Schwarz Matukio supporter
New Member
Lieber Matukio-Support, jetzt wo die heiße Buchungsphase bei uns beginnt, entsteht zunehmends ein unangenehmes Phänomen. Nach allen Eingaben und Zahlungsauswahl kommt man in das Fenster, in dem alle Informationen noch einmal aufgeführt sind und n...
Berliner Wasserratten Matukio supporter
New Member
Compojoom installer can't go past the 2nd step in the Hotposts Pro installation wizard. Hotspots Core 3.7.8 was installed previously and after entering the download ID, as per instructions, I uploaded the Compojoom installer component in order to ad...
Hi, Ich versuchte dummerweise die neuste CComment auf mein (noch) Joomla 2.5 zu installieren, dies schlug natürlich fehl und jetzt erscheint in der Komponente nur noch "500 - Es ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. JHtml: :bootstrap nicht unterstützt. D...
Kevin Appel CComment supporter
New Member
Hi, I just installed the latest version of Hotspots but is doesn't show the Google maps. It says: This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details. How can I fix this? Kind regards, Patrick Vosse...
Patrick Vosse Hotspots supporter
No Ranking
Hi, After updating to J3.7.1 and also updating hotspots, the map gives white page also my categories are gone in panel. I still see my 400 spots but category is empty. Updated from 3.5.4pro to 5.3.6... Any suggestions Regards, Pascal...
Junior Member
We use Cupdater to help us keep up with our website updates since we are managing several dozen. Oddly, the updater plugin will send the updates email several times. In some cases we receive the email once or twice but it can happen that we receive t...
Hi I would like to get rid of google recaptcha which is bringing some issues with our website and use a very simple and non intrusive one such as this one : However...
Jean Machuron Hotspots supporter
Junior Member
Hi Support, This is not a bug pe say but is an issue that is causing a few headaches. Maybe it has been reported and you are aware. If I use Matukio on mobile then the back end is all messed up. It is slightly better than it used to be as as th...
Marc Cairns Matukio supporter
Junior Member
Hi, I am working on a new event project and i am wondering if it worth going with version 6.1.* I currently have 6.0.15 but I can't picture the gap between both versions. Is there Anyone to give a clue ?....
kang frederic Matukio supporter
New Member
Hi, I just renewed my subscription mainly to have the Tauristar view, but I can't see it as a view. is there any specific thing to do ? Thanks...
kang frederic Matukio supporter
New Member
Hello - Is there a way to switch an event created in the backend to show basic edit options when accessed from the frontend? I don't see an option anywhere, so guess there is a database field that defines this? thanks Pete...
Peter Ashford Hotspots supporter
Expert Member
Hello, I have downloaded and installed the free version 5.0rc1 of your comment system and I really like it so far. Only problem is, that I develop most of my projects with Seblod CCK and I cannot find Seblod in the list of supported extensions....
I have upgraded to the latest version and now the maps is not working? Do i need to pay for another subscription for Pro... The map shows for a second, then disappears and i get an error: This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScr...
Kathleen de Leon Hotspots supporter
New Member
Installed the Ccomment pro, when tried to import the disqus comments, it only imported around 45 pieces, not the entire 500 comments. Please help me to solve this problem. Additionally, I found importation create duplicate comments....
Jackie Chou CComment supporter
No Ranking

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