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CUpdater is a system plugin that will notify you with a mail if there is a joomla or 3rd party extension (only for extensions that have provided an update server) update available.

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Why CUpdater?

If you enjoy the update functionality in the Joomla 2.5 installer then you will enjoy CUpdater. We got bored with what is currently part of the core. Each time we wanted to check if there are any new extensions updates we had to login into our website, go to the extension manager -> click update -> click find updates -> wait 5sec -> if there is nothing - well done dear, but you'll have to come again tomorrow... Meet CUpdater! the plugin that will run once a day (or at a time interval you specify) and will check for updates for you! This way you can always be up to date and won't have to worry!!

Customer reviews

What our customers have to say about CUpdater

Should be added to the core of Joomla!
CUpdater is a great plugin and everyone should use this. If you are worried about Joomla! updates, this will keep you updated when new versions are out. Also a great way of getting notified about all your projects. If all extensions use use the update xml then CUpdater will also notify you when these need updating. Great tool.

written by trip

Excellent plugin!
Works as advertised. CUpdater is simple to set up, and a great help when you have to manage multiple Joomla! web sites.

written by jconsutingza


Features at a glance!
  • intelligent update check - not slowing down your server
  • choose the user-group to receive email
  • custom email address field
  • choose at what interval to make the updates
  • receive emails even if no updates are found

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CUpdater is fully compatible with Joomla 2.5 till Joomla 3.10!