Reply Time

We try to reply in timely manner, unfortunately we don't always suceed. If you don't get a reply within couple of days, don't hesitate to ping us again.

What we support

Support is available only for the PRO versions of our software & only to users having an active subscription (no exceptions! If your subscription has expired, then we won't provide any support). We don't provide support for the Core versions.

As a general rule of thumb - the more details you provide about your issues, the higher your chances of getting support are. Whenever possible add screenshots & give us a link to page where we can observe the issue.

Customization Policy

We understand that you want to be unique. Sometimes we are asked to make minor adjustments to our products so that they match a site's work & feel. Usually we are happy to make those modifications. However, sometimes we are asked to make adjustments that require hours of additional work - this is more than we can provide for free. If you need such adjustments check our Joomla! services page.

What we can support

  1. Bugs - if you find a bug, we'll fix it.
  2. Simple CSS problems - helping you find out why elements on your site are overlapping
  3. Fast code adjustments - layout position changes or the removal of an HTML element

What we won't support

  1. Changing the current functionality - our extensions are provided "as is".
  2. Adding new functionality - no matter how trivial, adding anything to the current base always require time
  3. Crappy hosting - if we determine that the reason of your issue is your hosting provider - we can't do anything other than advise you to look for a respected Joomla hosting
  4. Outdated versions - if you are running an old version of our components, PHP or Joomla
  5. Incompatibility with other extensions - there are extensions out there, that are bad! They badly written by people who have no idea what they do. If you are running one of those, chances are that we cannot help you. However we'll do our best to identify the issue & if it is in our power do whatever we can't to fix it. 
  6. Bad templates - if you happen to run a crappy template, then you are out of luck. If we identify that your template is the cause of the problem (if our extension works as expected with a default joomla template) then we will ask you to look for help from the template creator.