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CComment is a flexible & easy to use comment system for Joomla. It integrates with a lot of 3rd party components, looks great and is a definite fit for any Joomla website.

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CComment is the comment system for Joomla, that you want to use!

Just comment!

We don't waste your time. Immediately after the installation of CComment you'll be able to comment under Joomla articles.


3rd party integration

Commenting on Joomla articles is awesome, but what if you want to comment videos in HwdMediashare or in JEvents? Don't worry! We provide plugins for this! And for many more 3rd party components!


Easy to configure!

No matter if you a site integrator, or a web developer. You should be able to get going in just few minutes. Most of the options are self explaining and you also have a comprehensive documentation at your side!


Customer reviews

What our customers have to say about Matukio

Best Joomla commenting component with excellent support

For me CComment Pro is the best choice for comments on my website. It integrates nicely with JomSocial, showing all the reactions in articles into the JomSocial activity stream.

My site is using 2 languages. The comments didn't show well after the update to JomSocial 3. Contacting the developer using Chat was easy, fast and very helpful. Excellent support! He solved the problem in no time.

written by Distael on 28.08.2013

Great Component, great support, highly recommended
Beginning with the core component, I have just updatet to Pro Version. I am very satisfied. Daniel gives quick and great support. I am lucky to use it!

written by Eisele on 21.5.2013


The features at a glance
  • Ajax-based
    • Comments are added on the fly without reloading the web page saving your server bandwidth and making you look cool cutting edge with the latest technology.
  • Spam protection
    • Beside our standard captcha image, BanIP and Censorship features we've now integrated Akismet and Recaptcha.
  • Tightly integrated in JomSocial
    • You can use JomSocial's features such as User Points and Activity Stream. You can also use the comment system as a wall application in JomSocial.
  • Plugins for other components
  • THREADED / Nested comments
    • Nested (or threaded) comments have been added to a lot of blog platforms lately (including WordPress 2.7+), and it is a major feature on a lot of community websites. Threaded comments lets you connect and interact with your readers while easily keeping track of who’s saying what to whom. You control the conversation by setting the number of levels allowed in your comment threads, from 1 to 10. (Ten levels deep means nine replies under each comment — that’s a lot!)
  • Multilanguage support
    • We use UTF-8 to store all comments - this way you can be sure that all your comments are going to be readable! For a list with frontend translations look here.
  • Import your old comments
    • CompojoomComment offers you a general import option with which you can map any db tables and import your comments
    • The pro version also provides import for
      • Koment
      • JComments
      • Disqus
  • UBB code support, image support, emoticon support, quote support
    • All these features are well known in forums, now you can use them also in Joomla!
  • Clean and professional template
  • Avatar support (Pro feature)
    • Do you have Community Builder or JomSocial? Do you use Gravatar? on your web site? We support them out of the box! Now that is COOL
  • Gravatar support
  • Allow comments per category or section
    • Choose the categories where comments should appear
    • Disable commenting on specific articles
    • Disable future comments - everything is possible with the best comment system for Joomla!
  • Front-end comment moderation
    • You don't have to go to the backend for every operation. Comments can be deleted and edited in frontend!
  • Publish/unpublish emails from mail
  • RSS-feed
    • Readers will be able to subscribe to the discussion via RSS.
  •  E-Mail subscribe
    • Do you hate RSS? Then you can subscribe to an article through e-mail option.


CComment is available in two editions, Core and Professional.

CComment Core is a Free (as in "free speech" and as in "free beer") & complete commenting solution for your site. It's what 95% of our users will ever use. While it includes all the essential stuff, it is missing some of the most advanced features which are appealing to people running community websites. We recommend it for first-time users, regular webmasters and those who want to evaluate the software.

CComment Professional, on the other hand, is the version distributed for a fee which has those extra features usefull for community websites and websites that require better user interactions.

Official Support no tick
Exclude/include categories for commenting tick tick
Close items for commenting tick tick
Custom fields support (text, checkbox, select list, url) no tick
Comment plugins
Article Manager(com_content), Hotspots, K2, Matukio  tick  tick

Adsmanager, Jomsocial, Community Builder, Docimport, Easyblog, HwdMediashare, JEvents, JPhoto, Mtree, Ninjamonials, Phocadownload, Virtuemart, JDownloads, JoomGallery, HikaShop, CommunityPolls, DPCalendar, Redshop, Zoo

 no  tick

Profile support for Jomsocial, CB, Kunena & K2

 no  tick

Avatar support for Jomsocial, CB, Kunena & K2

 no  tick

Gravatar support

 tick  tick


Determine usergroups authorised to post

tick tick

Make the author of an article, the moderator for that article

no tick

Autopublish comments

tick tick

Determine which user group should have their comments autopublished

no tick

Moderator notifications

tick tick

Build-in captcha

tick tick

Recaptcha support

 no  tick

Akismet support

 no  tick


Nested comments

tick tick

Determine maximum depth of nested comments

no tick

Comment sorting (new/last)

tick tick

UBB code support

tick tick
Voting tick tick
Names or usernames for users no tick
Hide powered by no tick
Emoticons tick tick
Awesome bootstrap template tick tick
Jomsocial activity stream no tick
Jomsocial user points on comment activity no tick
CB latest comments on profile no tick
AlphaUserPoints integration no tick
Joomla Search Plugin for comments tick tick
Joomla Smart Search Plugin for comments no tick
Latest comments no tick
Most commented items no tick
Comments with most positive/negative votes no tick

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CComment is fully compatible with Joomla 2.5 till Joomla 3.4!