What is Transifex?

Transifex is a web-based translation platform, also known as Globalization Management System (GMS). It targets technical projects with frequently updated content, such as software, documentation and websites and encourages the automation of the localization workflow by integrating with the tools used by developers.

Here at compojoom we use Transifex to translate our extensions.

Contributing Translations

Be a translator today and help contribute back to the community.

Our Joomla extensions come with different language translations and all of those are created by an international team of volunteer translators. 

What and who is OpenTranslators?

OpenTranslators is a multilingual volunteer team of Joomla! Community Members who have for a goal to translate as many Joomla! extensions as possible. All translations are done online using the Transifex platform and it is used by OpenTranslators for easier collaboration. You will be spending time in Transifex as it will be your tool for translating our language files and submitting your translations to us.

How does OpenTranslators work?

how does it work opentranslators

Okay, you got me hooked! How can I help?

If you are keen to contribute your language expertise as a translator for our Joomla extensions, we would be more than happy to accept you! All our translators will enjoy special benefits from us, too.

What is in it for me?

We value your contributions and you will definitely be rewarded for your work. Here are some of the perks you will be enjoying:

Complimentary product
As a translator for Compojoom, you will receive complimentary use of the translated product for as long as you contribute to the translations for it. We encourage you to constantly submit your contributions if you would like to continuously receive complimentary product access.

We are looking for dedicated translators who are willing to volunteer in the long term to translate for us whenever we launch a new product or release new product updates.

Where do I sign up?

You are required to create an account in Transifex and then join the OpenTranslators team.

Sign-up an account in Transifex at https://opentranslators.transifex.com/. Once you have your account, join the OpenTranslators language team at https://opentranslators.transifex.com/. Your request will be approved by the respective coordinators of the language team within a few days. Compojoom has no authority to approve any translation requests from translators.

Where are your language files in Transifex that I can start translating?

Once you've joined the OpenTranslators team the easiest way to locate the languages needing translation is by going to our language center. Then select the extension you want to translate. Click on the language you want to translate and after that on "Help improve this language pack". Clicking on it will redirect you to the project on Transifex where you can start translating.

Tips for successful translations

As a contributor, you are advised to work as a team and encourage each other in the team in the completion of a language translation. The faster you work, the more Joomla users will benefit from using the products.