The next level of content presentation!

With Tiles for Joomla you can display your content in an modern and professional way. Tiles comes with three amazing templates and can easily be adjusted to fit your site!

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Tiles is a gallery extension that puts your content at first place!


Your content is the king! That is why you need a gallery that puts it first. Determine the rows and colums for your gallery and set your important content apart.


Easy to use!

From the installation, to the configuration you'll have fun all the way. Our 100% Ajax driven editor will allow you to configure your first gallery in just a few minutes.


Endless possibilities

Put your imagination to work. Tiles will allow you to create the galleries you want. The tile sizes, backgrounds and colors all depend from you! No tile gallery is the same!


Customer reviews

What our customers have to say about Matukio

Fantastic Module - Fantastic Support

I purchased the Tiles module in the hopes that it would have lots of customization options because of the nature in which I planned to use the module.

I actually had a very easy time configuring the elements and customizing the appearance was easy and streamlined.

When I had problems the guys on the CompoJoom forums were extremely helpful and quick to respond to all questions I had. (even the stupid ones)

Overall this is an awesome module and I recommend it to anyone who's planning to purchase it. Thumbs Up!

written by hhayden2010

Excellent and easy to use!

When i first came across Tiles, i thought it would be to complicated to set up, however it turned out to be very easy and looks beautiful.

This helped my site look better and increased sales from the day i added it.

Excellent product that i would highly recommend, the support was quick and they even answered some silly questions which turned out to be obvious had i looked at the product.

written by letterhead


Features at a glance!
  • Unlimited possibilities to present your content in an awesome and modern way!
  • 100 percent dynamic - Custom Gallery-sizes, tile-sizes, backgrounds, colors and more!
  • Three unique Templates (Simple, Modern and Compojoom) with more to come!
  • Great editor (100% AJAX driven) to position and style your tile-galleries the way you want them!
  • Display links as beautiful Buttons or make the whole tile-element a link!
  • Overlay colors and images for unique effects!
  • So much more!

Ready to give Tiles a try?

Tiles is fully compatible with Joomla 2.5 till Joomla 3.2!