Do more in less time!

CForms is responsive

Responsive out of the box

CForms is using Bootstrap for easily creating responsive forms. Bootstrap is the most popular CSS Framework, powering more than half of the web!
What you see is what you get

WYSIWYG - Drag & Drop

You don't need any HTML or programming knowledge, all Forms are created live and you directly edit the actual result! No reloading, no waiting times.
CForms is lightweight and fast

Lightweight & Fast

The generated forms are completely HTML based. This makes displaying them super fast. CForms is created for heavy loads and works with hundreds of input fields!
Beautiful templates

Beautiful templates

CForms brings awesome templates for different form types, like job applications or contact forms. You can even choose between different progress bars and more!

Fully compatible with all Joomla! 3.x versions

Compojoom is trusted by 1000s of clients world wide!

100% Flexible

From a simple single page contact form with Spam protection, to an extensive multi-page booking form with 100s of fields. CForms is the right solution for you!


CForms offers extended validations, from text length, over Number or Email validators.

Confirmation Pages

With CForms you can show confirmation pages at the end of the form, just enable it in the menu options.

Spam Protection

CForms comes with support for Google Recaptcha and integrates the Joomla CSRF anti-spoofing protection.

Custom submission Emails

You can easily modify the submission email sent by CForms to your own needs.


CForms offers multiple export options, like CSV, XML and JSON. You can easily adjust the Export Templates to your own needs and attach files to your submissions emails.

Extensive statistics

CForms offers statistics and charts, allowing you to keep track of your submissions, visitors and forms!

Easily Create and Manage Forms in Joomla with CForms

Hide or Show fields with Conditions

You can set conditions for each field to hide or show it, if a rule is matched. For example if you click "Yes" on a radio field, you can show additional text input fields.

CForms brings full support for conditions
CForms brings various pre-made form designs and templates

Form Designs and Templates

CForms comes with ready to use templates and form designs. You can activate them by just one click and as always preview the result also in the Form Builder itself!

Joomla data mapping and form pre-population

With CForms you can pre-populate fields dynamically with data from the Joomla user profile, the Joomla user profile plugin or Community Builder.

You can prefill the form with data from your Joomla user
Easily Create and Manage Forms in Joomla with CForms

Endless possibilities

CForms comes with an extensive list of available field types and validations.

Available Form Fields:
  • Text Input
  • Text Area
  • Select / Drop Downs
  • Radio Buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • Password Input
  • File Upload
  • Numbers
  • Date Field
  • Color Input
  • Range Field
  • Email Field
  • URL Field
  • Spacer
  • Spacer with Text
  • Google Recaptcha
  • PayPal
  • Terms & Conditions
  • ..
Missing one? Just contact us!



Yes, all our extensions have full multi-language support. You can also easily adjust any text with Joomla Language overrides without changing any line of code from your backend (See Documentation for more details).
Yes, of course you will be still able to use the extension. The functionality is not affected by the subscription status. You just can't download and update the extension any more and you no longer receive customer support.
Yes, all our extensions are listed under GPL license. So you have full access to the source code, allowing you to make any modifications you want. By using the Joomla Template and Layout override system you can make sure you can still do updates.
Yes, you easily edit the generated HTML source code of the forms. Any changes will be over-written though once you save the form again.
Yes, just contact us if you are missing an integration. We are going to send you a simple quote afterwards.
Yes, as CForms currently is still heavy developed we accept requests for any reasonable field requests. And if you are a developer, you can even add your own fields with Plugins!

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