Hi, How can I change the background color of the confirmation page? Now, I got white font on white background. Unfortunately firedebug doesn't work anymore. Could you please help me on that? Thank you. Marco...
Schnyder Marco Matukio supporter
Junior Member
Hello - I'm trying to adjust the layout of the login/registration screen when booking a place on an event from the frontend to insert my social login using {socialconnect} and also change the styling of the links to register. Was looking at ove...
Peter Ashford Hotspots supporter
Expert Member
I have installed CComment and it is working on the articles. But there is no captcha. What do I have to do to turn on CComment's inbuilt captcha?...
Hello I try translate the field upload files, but can not find where are these words! Language files there is no any words this field. Can you tell me please the pathway, where I can translate these field? See the pic please, all words t...
MC Virtuox Hotspots supporter
Junior Member
Hallo ich möchte gerne, dass in der Übersicht aller Kurse einer Kategorie anstatt "Mehr Informationen" - "Buchen" steht. Ich denke, das muss mit Overrides gelöst werden, weiss aber nicht, wie ich den Namen dieses Textes finde. ...
Ates Oetztuerk Matukio supporter
Senior Member
Hi, how can I show on the event detail page that an event is cancelled? For example this event is cancelled and it would be good if it says "abgesagt" in the info box on the right: http://www.gapid.de/j3/akademie/veranstaltungen/event/0/...
David Ziegler Matukio supporter
New Member
Hallo Wenn ich eine Buchung anklicke, kommt nun plötzlich folgender Fehler (nach Update auf Version 7.0.1): Your form is missing a fee / quantity select, please add one in the form edit. Did you load and save the booking form once? Danke fü...
Ates Oetztuerk Matukio supporter
Senior Member
Hi! We use CComments on a closed intranet environment. Users can comment on news articles. We have a few site managers that place the newsarticles on the site. But the actual content is deleverd by other people. We would like to be able to add an ...
Jip Jonker CComment supporter
New Member
Nach Update auf Version 7 kommt immer Fehlermeldung beim Buchen. Bei manchen Formularen half es das Standard Buchungsformular zu speichern, aber bei 3 weiteren kommt der Fehler immer noch. In diesen Formularen gibt es benutzerdefinierte Felder, aber ...
Siegfried Pfannhauser Matukio supporter
New Member
we're upgrading to matukio 7.0 and publishing our new winter program (skitoeren.org) and experience some errors. When I book an event en afterwards I want to view the participants list, I get a 404 error, page not found. I'll include some scree...
Ube van der Ham Matukio supporter
New Member
After upgrading, the total field on the booking form no longer shows the total. This is a field that cannot be edited on the booking form....
Christian Jull Matukio supporter
New Member
Still having trouble getting the map to display on the front end. Works fine in the Admin. https://jockimo.com/installs/jockimo-install-locations I can give you a login if you like....
Gary Piland Hotspots supporter
Junior Member
Since upgrading to Matukio 7.0, all event booking through up the following error: 500 Your form is missing a fee / quantity select, please add one in the form edit. Did you load and save the booking form once? No setting has been changed to th...
Christian Jull Matukio supporter
New Member
Hi, I just installed the latest version of Hotspots but is doesn't show the Google maps. It says: This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details. How can I fix this? Kind regards, Patrick Vosse...
Patrick Vosse Hotspots supporter
No Ranking
Hallo Yves, nach dem Update auf Version 7.0 sind nicht mehr alle alten Veranstaltungen da. Wir benötigen diese aber! In der alten Version habe ich nur die Möglichkeit den Button „Migration starten“ zu klicken. Ich komme nicht mehr an die alten Da...
Dirk Carstens Matukio supporter
New Member
Hi, I just upgraded to Hotspots Pro 5.3.9 and now I get the following error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near 'AND m.catid IN ('32','33','34') ...
Paul Adamson Hotspots supporter
New Member
Hallo Yves, ich versuche gerade auf Matukio 7 zu updaten. Migration läuft. Mit dem Hinweis: Schließen Sie nicht dieses Fenster bis die Migration beendet ist! Aber sie kommt zu keinem Ende! Wenn ich eine Rücksicherung einspiele, wie kann ich dann b...
Dirk Carstens Matukio supporter
New Member
Hallo Yves Ich habe nun eine zweite Matukio Applikation auf einer neuen Webseite installiert. Allerdings noch die 6.1.5, wann kommt denn die 7 raus? Ich habe auch das deutsche Sprachpaket installiert, allerdings ist alles immer noch in englisch un...
Ates Oetztuerk Matukio supporter
Senior Member
Hello, How do i change the wording from "Paid Booking" to "Continue Booking" in Matukio? Please view the attached image for more details. Thank you ...
LYLE HUFF Matukio supporter
Junior Member
Hi, I've upgrade Matukio from ver 6 to 7. After first run it forced me to make Migration. Once I press Micrate button the Migration begins, but once "Preparation" bar goes to the end nothing more happens for long time. It's not doing nex...
Przemyslaw Kacprzak Matukio supporter
Junior Member

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