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Hi All, May I know is it possible to make "Settings" being hidden on the bar? Thank You....
May I know is it possible to let "filter" function as the default display while the first loaded of the page? Thank You so much ...
Hello Daniel, On add new hotspots on front page, when I enter "city", "country" etc.. the map i being updated with the new info. I've made a script to update city and coordinates with jQuery. I was wondering how can I call the fu...
Junior Member
Hello, it seems Hotposts Pro is making it impossible to use Joomla's own meta-tag engine. Apparently the only part that isn't overridden by Hotspots is where Joomla defines a universal meta description or a meta keywords tag for a specific cont...
I set up a testing environment on a local machine and I'm using Hotposts 5.3.8 but on this VM I can't upgrade this compontent unlike all others. The download process results in a 403 error. Maybe this machine is not allowed to download your packag...
Is there a way to grant Joomla's publisher or editor users permission to post an unabridged hotspot, inclusive of picture attachment? Right now the file upload form is not delivered to them, so I have to make each Hotspots editor a Super User too ...
Hi, I just bought HotSpot pro to display my jomsocial users. However, I followed the instructions here after but still cannot display them (https://compojoom.com/documentation/hotspots/ch04s05). What I configured : 1/ the Community Hotspo...
loic masson Hotspots supporter
New Member
Hello, yesterday I added some new entries and after then Hotspot stopped working on websitehttps://zsbozp.vubp.cz/oceneni-v-oblasti-bozp/mapa-aplikace. What´s wrong?...
Hi I have a question about HotSpot - Mapview. I've uploaded several 36 different hotspots with content to youtube videos (example https://youtu.be/qIM-HxgqvC8?t=9m36s) The problem is that loading Mapview is very slow. See website https://www.ope...
Andrea Napoli Hotspots supporter
New Member
Hallo, Seit dem letzten Update sieht die Startseite meiner Hotspots komisch aus (nur einzelne Buchstaben pro Zeile) bevor der erste Hotspot kommt. Was kann ich machen damit es wieder ordentlich aussieht? Gruß Sven http://www.mallorca-fotobox...
Hi, please is it possible to add category name to markers info window (view without tabs and menu)? I think it should be in default_infowindowmarker.php, but I don't know variable for category name... Thank you....
Milan Grniak Hotspots supporter
New Member
Hallo, ich hatte Hotpsot schon installiert und nun geupdatet + Lizenz erneuert. Bekomme im Backend folgende Meldung: "Die Eingabe der Download-ID ist nicht korrekt zur Aktivierung der Hotspots Professional Features . Sie müssen das Hotspots P...
Heiko Weiss Hotspots supporter
New Member
(1) I used to see a little street view in the list of hotspots to the right of the map. Now they are gone. I don’t know if I want them, but what happened? I have a foggy recollection that the street view was disabled but can’t remember. I got a new m...
Carol Jones Hotspots supporter
Junior Member
i can save a hotspot only from back end when i am trying to save from front end it won't save nothing .When i hit the submit button it makes a refresh of page end it gives me again the new hotspot page empty can you help me ?...
greg athanaso Hotspots supporter
New Member
Hallo, ich würde gerne wissen, wie ich es schaffe, dass der Name einer Kategorie neben dem Symbol steht und nicht darunter. http://www.mallorca-fotobox.de/ausflugsziele/mallorca-freizeitplaner.html Vielen Dank für die Hilfe! Sven...
I have a scenario using Google's Material Design Lite kit (MDL) to style a websites UI. On this site, all standard elements such as buttons and inputs have a particular layout with specific class names. When the page is rendered, MDL javascript per...
Paul Adamson Hotspots supporter
New Member
Hi, just something I observed while working with the component for the first time. I created a custom field list for hotspots and noticed the field was not being rendered for some hotspots, maybe about 30% of them. I traced it down to the fact that...
Paul Adamson Hotspots supporter
New Member
I am marking this critical because I have a deadline I'm trying to meet with this component so if you can answer me quickly that would be most appreciated. I accidentally posted in the wrong forum - the core newbie area, when I actually have the Pro....
Lisa Renshaw Hotspots supporter
New Member
Hello. Please update the language files for CComment, Hotspots at transifex.com. I'll update the translation....
Alex Khoroshevsky Hotspots supporter
Senior Member
I'm using Javascript to add a few contact buttons in the search panel to my Hotspots Pro instance. It works fine but as soon as I query the input bar my added HTML code disappears as if part of the panel itself got reloaded. Is there anyway to mak...
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