Hi The hotspots tab display few of the hotspots descriptions. When user click on on one of the hotspot that display on the map , How can we fix the tab to display only the hotspot that check and not the other hotspots also ? please advice ...
Udi ERTINET Hotspots supporter
New Member
https://www.fort.church/calendar/event/13-outreach-events/1-bbq2-event Im trying to get this event to be an online booking! No matter what I try I cannot seem to get it to be an online booking, it keep saying it isn't and online booking. Am I mi...
Shawn OConnor Hotspots supporter
New Member
I had problems with CMC and an unexpected instalation of Compojoom installer so I used the backend admin Extension Manager to remove them. However, the Community Builder signup form link no longer works - that link now returns an error message statin...
New Member
We've been notified by several users that during our checkout process (that links to CMCMailchimp and adds the user to mailchimp newsletter automatically) of this error: 0 Argument 2 passed to CmcHelperChimp:roudctExists() must be an instance of C...
hi Daniel I did a new install of CComment, all is ok, but the editor (the toolbar with icons) do not show-up and the form show only the textarea. I searched in the config tabs, but I can't figure out how deal with (possible) javascript library co...
No Ranking
We have jom-social and K2 installed on http://www.blabber.buzz . ccomment extension working fine with k2 & Joomla. Now, we had integrated altauserpoints extension and want that people will earn points when they comment on k2 item or write post on ...
Elie Ashery CComment supporter
New Member
Migration started but there is no progress. What am I doing wrong? Kind regards Annelies...
Annelies Hoolmans CMigrator supporter
New Member
Servus Hotspots Team, ich würde mich freuen wenn Hotspots über eine art "Blog Übersicht" wie es in Verbindung mit K2 möglich ist direkt nativ bieten würde. Ich nutze Hotspots nämlich auf unserer Taucherseite um unser Tauchspots zu markie...
Stephan Kleiner Hotspots supporter
New Member
Hello - When editing an event from the frontend, I have noticed that the start and end dates change to today's date. I want the dates to be what the event was set to. Is there any way to stop this from happening? Not sure if a bug or by design? ...
Peter Ashford Hotspots supporter
Expert Member
When we click on the calendar icon in an event to import an ics file. Nothing happens ?! url display is: webcal://octopus-plongee.asso.fr/index.php?option=com_matukio&tmpl=component&view=ics&format=raw&cid=26...
OCTOPUS Plongée Matukio supporter
New Member
Hallo für einen Kurs haben wir zuätzliche Termine eingetragen. Verschiedene Daten, die Zeit immer von 8.30 - 11-30 Uhr. Im Backend werden die Zeiten korrekt angezeigt und in der Datenbank sind sie richtig eingetragen. Im Frontend unter "Alle ...
Daniel Neukom Matukio supporter
New Member
Hallo, Ich erhalte den folgenden Fehler, wenn ich eine Veranstaltung buchen möchte (testweise): 500 - <h1>Your form is missing a fee / quantity select ... etc ... Ich habe nun versucht das Standard-Buchungsformular aufzurufen, was nicht fun...
Susanne Walz Matukio supporter
New Member
I am unhappy about the new formatting of the different fees or tickets or what ever we can call it. It used to be in that the discounted price was displayed but now all I see is a discount percentage and no price. How can I get the prices back to be ...
Vilhelm Kruse Matukio supporter
Junior Member
I set up a form for which one of the fields is completed by selecting one of two buttons. The label on one of the buttons is Parent Or Carer, the other is Professional. So far so good. In the back end, when I set up the field, I had to enter va...
Neil Ireland Matukio supporter
Junior Member
There is a major bug with the custom fields. I have made some custom fields and have selected them to use with only one specific category. But the custom fields are shown with every other event that is not in that category. And therefore people can't...
N.V.V.O Baracuda Matukio supporter
New Member
Hallo Eine Frage: wenn ich im backend für einen Kunden eine Veranstaltung buchen möchte, kann ich ja, nachdem ich die Veranstaltung ausgewählt habe, den Joomla Benutzer auswählen, der die Daten des Benuters beinhaltet. Leider werden diese Daten...
achim Matukio supporter
New Member
Moin, ich verzweifle langsam. Kann mir bitte einer sagen, warum diese Fehler auftreten? Besten Dank!...
Stephan Plantholt Matukio supporter
New Member
Hallo bitte um Hilfe! Beim Kauf eines Tickets werden keine zusätzlichen Gebühren in der Rechnung angeführt. Der Kunde bekommt nur eine Rechnung mit dem normalen Ticketpreis ohne der zusätzlichen optionalen Gebühren wie zum Beispiel mit Essen, Getr...
Kurt Elsasser Matukio supporter
New Member
Hi Guys, Currently working on this site https://ecolet.com.au/cms/index.php/contact-us/distributors I've imported the data into two other websites from both _hotspots_marker and _categories with no issues at all, but this site seems to be dis...
New Member

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