On Chrome, Firefox but not Microsoft Edge, when I inspect the console I see this message on Titlethis page and Titlethis page. JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 1.4.1 (index):56 Uncaught ReferenceError: Ccomment is not defined at (ind...
I have installed CComment and it is working on the articles. But there is no captcha. What do I have to do to turn on CComment's inbuilt captcha?...
Hello Daniel I have seen that for several times the Zip code is being shown incomplete for all hotspots that are automatically marked. If I do check my location, the zip code is marked always incomplete. The correct format to my location is 12...
MC Virtuox Hotspots supporter
Junior Member
Hallo. How can I edit or change the default form fields? Title Description Language and the whole Location Details and Publishing Options area? I would like to keep the map. I do not need these fields for my site and would like to r...
Andre Deschodt Hotspots supporter
New Member
Hello I try translate the field upload files, but can not find where are these words! Language files there is no any words this field. Can you tell me please the pathway, where I can translate these field? See the pic please, all words t...
MC Virtuox Hotspots supporter
Junior Member
Hello, currently Hotspots uses this pattern for single hotposts URLs: http://mydomain.tld/joomla-language-tag/hotspotcategoryIDdigit-hotspotcategorytextalias/hotspotIDdigit-hotspottextalias Is there anyway to get rid of the digits and that d...
I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; gethotspotsTab has a deprecated constructor in /home2/ffarms/public_html/http://arcadianmoon.com/compon...
Brandon Fahrmeier Hotspots supporter
New Member
How to change color of lettering at frontend form of CComment? They are gray, I need black, or some darker color to little texts under fields....
I actualized to ccoment v 5.3.8 and now, at backend, i receive this error warning: 500 - Se ha producido un error. JHtml: :bootstrap no soportado. Archivo no encontrado. Frontend is working...
Habe matukio 7.0.1 auf eine neue, nackte joomla-Installation installiert. matukio installation läuft fehlerfrei durch. Beim anlegen einer Kategorie kommt der oben angezeigte Fehler. die datei matukio ist auch nicht vorhanden. siehe Anhang...
Wolfgang Dibbern Matukio supporter
New Member
Hello - would be great to have a confirmation/thank you page after submitting an event from the frontend. At the moment it just takes you back to the form. thanks Pete...
Peter Ashford Hotspots supporter
Expert Member
Hallo Yves, so wie es aussieht versendet Matukio Stornierungsmails obwohl die Buchung weder storniert wurde noch eine Stornierung vorliegt… Im Backend ist die Buchung immer noch mit „Teilnahme gesichert“ vermerkt. Ich mache mal ein neues Ticket...
Lydia Borgers Matukio supporter
Senior Member
Ab Matukio 7.0.1 kann man keine recurring events erstellen. Wenn alle Felder ausgefüllt, Zeitpunkte generiert, ein Klick auf "Save" und kommt die Fehlermeldung:$SUBJ. Sowohl in Firefox als auch in Chrome....
Márton Pósz Matukio supporter
New Member
Hallo Yves, nachdem ich auf Matukio 7 upgedatet habe, komme ich weder ins Backend noch ins Frontend von Matukio. Anstatt dessen erhalte ich im Frontend folgende Fehlermeldung: Warning: require_once(/homepages/8/d26317611/htdocs/wsb756901204/ku...
Andre Wester Matukio supporter
New Member
Hi, I just found some minor bugs in custom booking forms: When I create a custom field i.e. Radio Button and set in properties - show in overview to yes - save and close - reopen (Manange Custom Booking Form) the setting of the overview lost. Usi...
Schnyder Marco Matukio supporter
Junior Member
Hi, How can I change the background color of the confirmation page? Now, I got white font on white background. Unfortunately firedebug doesn't work anymore. Could you please help me on that? Thank you. Marco...
Schnyder Marco Matukio supporter
Junior Member
Hi, Since the update to 7.0.1 im miss my old booking fields, which are specific to certain event/categories. They were called MAT_BOOKING_ZUSATZ1 etc. These fields were for additional client information which they have to filled you during book...
Schnyder Marco Matukio supporter
Junior Member
Hallo zusammen, Wenn ich in der neusten Version 7.0.1 in einer Verantstaltung - Buchung zwischen Limitierte Teilnehmerzahl und Unlimitierte Teilnehmerzahl wechsle, wird in der Limitierten Teilnehmerzahl die Max. Teiln. mit der Zahl 99999 überschrieb...
Schnyder Marco Matukio supporter
Junior Member
Hi, After upgrade to 7.0.1 I had the 500er problem too. Since I open and close the Default Booking Form, it's ok. But I do have several Label lines in this Default Booking Form, Which also shows up at the front end. Trying to delete those labels the...
Schnyder Marco Matukio supporter
Junior Member
Hallo, nach dem Update startet die Migration nicht und beim Öffnen des Events wird folgender Fehler gezeigt: 1146 - Table 'd050202b_2.#__matukio_files' doesn't exist Was tun????...
Stefan Fischbach Matukio supporter
New Member

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