Hi, i started using the new Matukio 7 (RC2) on a test System. My Question: how could i generate Custom Fields per event like the 20 Custom fields in the old Version? (Best practice)...
Brungert Wolfgang Matukio supporter
New Member
B) Just wondering what to do with these two error messages I get Warning: array_intersect(): Argument #1 is not an array in C:\xampp\htdocs\henry\components\com_comment\helpers\security.php on line 109 the one above shows up when the article pops...
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Hallo nach dem Update auf Version 7 sind die Benutzerdefinierten Felder innerhalb der Veranstaltungen weg und können nicht neu angelegt werden. Veranstaltungen die solche Felder enthielten können nicht mehr gebucht werden (Buchungslink läuft ins L...
New Member
Hallo Yves Ich habe nun eine zweite Matukio Applikation auf einer neuen Webseite installiert. Allerdings noch die 6.1.5, wann kommt denn die 7 raus? Ich habe auch das deutsche Sprachpaket installiert, allerdings ist alles immer noch in englisch un...
Ates Oetztuerk Matukio supporter
Senior Member
Hello, How do i change the wording from "Paid Booking" to "Continue Booking" in Matukio? Please view the attached image for more details. Thank you ...
LYLE HUFF Matukio supporter
Junior Member
Hello, I basically try to display the information about the teacher of an event like it's done for the organizer. I created a custom field called "Vortragender" and put the user-id there. In the file components/com_matukio/views/even...
Ing Christian Galko Matukio supporter
New Member
Hi, I've upgrade Matukio from ver 6 to 7. After first run it forced me to make Migration. Once I press Micrate button the Migration begins, but once "Preparation" bar goes to the end nothing more happens for long time. It's not doing nex...
Przemyslaw Kacprzak Matukio supporter
Junior Member
Comments made by a logged in user do not show up (for them) after submitting te comment. They do see the comment count on the blog page has increased by one, but the comment itself below the article is not visible. I suspect this has to do with cachi...
Jip Jonker CComment supporter
New Member
Hallo, ich habe das ähnliche Problem wie manch andere hier. Die Migration funktioniert nicht, da er beim Vorbereitungsbalken hängen bleibt. Die Events können nicht mehr gebucht werden. Bitte um Hilfe, da ich täglich Buchungen haben!!! Vielen Dank!...
Richard Franetzki Matukio supporter
New Member
Please see attached image. Above form is through Acymailing that uses the site css and bottom is Mailchimp that uses its own css. How can I change the CSS for Mailchimp so it looks like the form above (fitting with the rest of the page format)...
Hi Can you please supply so I can name the label on the button, I don't want it to be English, I need to translate to Danish. See attachment, something wrong with position of labels. Thanks Jesper...
Hello, I'm using your component on this page: http://www.calinesse.com/revendeurs European format address is "zip code, town" and I would like "zip code town" without the coma between. Is there a way to configure this ? ...
edouard boisset Hotspots supporter
New Member
Hi, if you check http://gossip.guide/entertainment-videos/214644-taylor-swift-dropping-album-on-10-year-anniversary-of-kanye-wests-moms-death#!/ccomment-comment=3 , you will notice that comments are no more appearing here on k2 items. This has ...
Elie Ashery CComment supporter
New Member
Hello, we are using hotspots for a site with 150 entries. For users it would be easier to choose hotspot by category. So, our question is: How can we change the list on the right site from hotspots to default categories? Best wishes Peter...
Cannot save the Organisers. Everyí user is shown under the Organiser tab, but by clicking on the Save/Save^New button, nothing happens....
Márton Pósz Matukio supporter
New Member
Hello, My client would like the signature list when exported to be sorted by Last Name. How can I accomplish this? I found the signature list template and put in the data that they want however sorting i know ill need to do in the code. I did find...
John Helbling Matukio supporter
New Member
Ich habe mir eine Kategorie Feiertage erstellt und bin gerade dabei die Feiertage einzupflegen, damit man diese in der Kalenderansicht sehen kann. Wenn ich nun Neujahr 2018 erstellen möchte passiert Folgendes: Nach dem Speichern habe ich nich...
Admin Aubiz Matukio supporter
New Member
Hello! I have this setup on a client site with Community Builder that has a number of data fields for users in MailChimp. The integration works fine but I need help with one piece. How can a user edit their subscription details? We have multiple fiel...
Hallo, ich habe gerade folgendes (Verständnis)Problem bei der Kurserstellung. Ich möchte einen regelmäßigen Kurs erstellen (z.B. Montag und Donnerstag 18.00 - 20.00 Uhr wöchentlich wiederholend). Die Teilnehmer dieses Kurses sind immer die Gleiche...
Joachim Wiesinger Matukio supporter
New Member
Joomla 3.8 crashes when Comments enabled. Specifically when Content - CComment is enabled. Backend still works though....
John Draper CComment supporter
New Member

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