Hallo Yves! 1) Bitte um Info über das raw-Problem, das du auf unseren Seiten festgestellt hast. Gibt es da schon Erkenntnisse? 2) Welche Flags sind für das Google Captcha für das Buchungsformular zu setzen? Du hast geschrieben, es würde mit unseren...
Hallo, wo kann ich das Template für die Ablehnungsnachricht anpassen, welches generiert wird, sobald ich im Backend eine Buchung ablehne? Unter den Templates finde ich es nicht und im Code bin ich nur auf die generierte adminForm gestoßen. Viel...
Helpdesk Neuwied Matukio supporter
New Member
Ich verwende CMC und habe in meinem SEO Tool eine Fehlermeldung erhalten. Ein Bild in .../loading-bubbles.svg fehlt das Alt Attribut Wie kann ich dieses hinzufügen bzw. kann dieses in der nächsten Version gesetzt werden. Vielen Dank...
New Member
The most of our events take more than one day but with different start and endates f.i.: 1 september 12:00 - 16:00 2 september 14:00 - 18:00 3 september 13:00 - 17:00 I can setup this config but in the upcomming list the time from the first day...
Kris De Ridder Matukio supporter
No Ranking
Hi, i am trying to see among participants who checked in and who didn't. And seems like there is no way to make the difference. Even when I select a participant and click the button "check in", nothing happen on the list. is it norm...
kang frederic Matukio supporter
New Member
Hi, we use on our site : https://www.explore.brussels Matukio with Ogone gateway. We made it more than one year ago with the verion 6.0.15. At this date, the gateway ogone wasn't ready and we made it for us. We didn't updated our isntallation yet...
Olivier Frascone Hotspots supporter
New Member
hi, if you download language fiels (for example for sk-SK) - there is only one "com_cmc-sk-SK.xml" in zip file - missing translated fiels from transifex... How to download zip language file for installataion (with all missing files)? As ...
Hi, there are some plugins for e-commers components (virtuemart, hikashop, redshop...) but there is missing JoomShopping. During joomshopping new user registration I need to have this contact also in mailchimp... How to achieve that? Joomshpping pl...
when i see the component hotspots in fullscreen on any device it gives me the menu in slidebar but when i open it in a smartphone it put it under the map without slider and makes the map very small .How can i make it with slider on the right on all d...
greg athanaso Hotspots supporter
New Member
(1) I used to see a little street view in the list of hotspots to the right of the map. Now they are gone. I don’t know if I want them, but what happened? I have a foggy recollection that the street view was disabled but can’t remember. I got a new m...
Carol Jones Hotspots supporter
New Member
Der Link zu allen Veranstaltungen im Modul verweist auf den Menüpunkt mit der Veranstaltungsübersicht, soweit so gut... Nun habe ich aber 2 Menüpunkte mit 2 verschiedenen Übersichten. Zum Einen werden alle Events angezeigt, beim anderen Menüpunk...
Christian Herr Matukio supporter
New Member
Hallo zusammen, wenn in Hotpsot ein neuer Hotspot eingereicht wird, wird automatisch auch die Mailadresse mit abgefragt. Ich habe gerade festgestellt, dass diese dann nur für den Versand der Bestätigung verwendet wird, aber so wie es aussieht nicht ...
Good day I am trying to install CComment on my site through the Joomla extensions manager. When I load the module onto the install page it continues to display the Joomla install process indicator, but does not install. Have you encountered thi...
Andre Deschodt Hotspots supporter
New Member
Hi, please is it possible to add category name to markers info window (view without tabs and menu)? I think it should be in default_infowindowmarker.php, but I don't know variable for category name... Thank you....
Milan Grniak Hotspots supporter
New Member
Hello, it would be great if the event date (start date) of an event would be displayed in the admin event overview. When there are many events with similar event title it is hard to read. I know that you can click on "Dates" to view the eve...
Ing Christian Galko Matukio supporter
New Member
Hiya, I use JFBConnect on my site and unique meta OG tags. Details pages are fine but category views shows my tags as text, see attached pics. Any help appreciated. Thanks...
New Member
Hallo, gibt es eine Möglichkeit, dass Buchungen, welche sich auf der Warteliste befinden, automatisch nachrücken, sobald ein Platz frei wird? In unserem Szenario ist es nur gestattet, einen Platz pro Person zu buchen. Außerdem existiert kein Be...
Helpdesk Neuwied Matukio supporter
New Member
Hi, I am looking for a comment component allows users to choose an option from a list of images. I was wondering if CComment custom fields can make this task. If it does I can go purchase a subscription. Do you have a demo of back-end admin? Thank y...
I got an error when trying to install CForms that I just bought. I think the error said something about Curl, but the list of minimum and optimum requirements said I should have PHP 7. There was a red X by optimum. I know I have to update Joomla, ...
Carol Jones Hotspots supporter
New Member
Hello, why is the comment count still 0, after I published the first comment? I have to manually clean the cache to display the correct number thank you...

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