Hello Daniel I have seen that for several times the Zip code is being shown incomplete for all hotspots that are automatically marked. If I do check my location, the zip code is marked always incomplete. The correct format to my location is 12...
MC Virtuox Hotspots supporter
Junior Member
Lieber Yves Hoppe, schon Ende 2016 hatte ich mich im Forum mit der Frage an Sie gewendet, welches Problem einem Fehler zugrunde liegen kann, der in unserer Matukio-Installation auftritt. Damals war es so, dass man im Buchungsprozess am Ende auf ei...
Martin Bock Matukio supporter
New Member
Hallo, nach dem Update auf Matukio7 führt der "jetzt buchen" Button zu einem Fehler und eine Buchung ist nicht möglich. https://www.chimpanzodrome.de/index.php/kletterkurse/onlinebuchung/erwachsenenkurse/event/11-kletterkurse-erwachsene/3...
Joachim Wiesinger Matukio supporter
New Member
Hello, we just installed this component and ran into an error right away. We followed the configuration steps. The on-screen instructions were a little different than the documentation on the website. When we first visited the configuration screen I ...
Hello - Is there a way to switch an event created in the backend to show basic edit options when accessed from the frontend? I don't see an option anywhere, so guess there is a database field that defines this? thanks Pete...
Peter Ashford Hotspots supporter
Expert Member
Hello Daniel, today i saw, that no maps are shown. I dont make any changes. Could anybody check it?...
Michi Meindl Hotspots supporter
Senior Member
Hello, I found that the hostpots scroll panel is very tiny on mobile devices and it's hard for the user to read the entries. How can I increase its height? I haven't been able to do that neither with CSS nor javascript. The odd thing is that...
Dear support, I have installed the newest version of Matukio Events (7.0.0) and have some trouble with Facebook image og tags. When I want to share the event the image it is not loading on Facebook post window. The tag is missing, it is not in t...
METRO, o.z. Hotspots supporter
New Member
Hi Team, I upgrade to the newest Matokiu-Version and now I get errors in Detailpage See here: http://www.karate-bayern.de/ressorts/aus-fortbildung/kursanmeldung/event/125-lehrreferent/67-tai-chi-trainerausbildung-lizenzstufe-1.html Can anybody ...
Melanie Müller Matukio supporter
New Member
After upgrading, the total field on the booking form no longer shows the total. This is a field that cannot be edited on the booking form....
Christian Jull Matukio supporter
New Member
Hi there, I've upgraded to Matukio 7 and it seems to be working fine. However, on testing the booking form, I'm finding that the booking goes through, confirmation email is sent but on the website, it says after booking "message: booking success...
Andrea Braun-Radnedge Matukio supporter
New Member
I use hotspots pro. I have just started to add another Category with locations. My initial category is about 15 miles away. Question: When zooming out, I want the user to be able to see all hotspots, in both categories. Is that possible or must I...
Bill Higbee Hotspots supporter
New Member
Still having trouble getting the map to display on the front end. Works fine in the Admin. https://jockimo.com/installs/jockimo-install-locations I can give you a login if you like....
Gary Piland Hotspots supporter
Junior Member
Hello - I'm about to upgrade to Matukio 7, but just wanted to check if another release is coming soon before I go to the effort of upgrading? Thought there may be after such a big release with 7. I have a few template over rides, so wanted to reduc...
Peter Ashford Hotspots supporter
Expert Member
Since upgrading to Matukio 7.0, all event booking through up the following error: 500 Your form is missing a fee / quantity select, please add one in the form edit. Did you load and save the booking form once? No setting has been changed to th...
Christian Jull Matukio supporter
New Member
Hallo zusammen! Was muss man nun tun damit ich Matukio wieder nutzen kann??? Alle alten Veranstaltungen und Buchungen habe ich gelöscht. Wenn man bei der in 7.0 neu erstellten Veranstaltung nun auf "Buchen" klicken will, kommt der 500er ...
Martin Waldhier Matukio supporter
New Member
Hi, I just installed the latest version of Hotspots but is doesn't show the Google maps. It says: This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details. How can I fix this? Kind regards, Patrick Vosse...
Patrick Vosse Hotspots supporter
No Ranking
Hello - Was just looking to add custom fields to my site and realised that it won't allow to create multiple select fields. For example, my site is for cycle touring events. One of the custom fields I'm looking at is to show the accommodation tha...
Peter Ashford Hotspots supporter
Expert Member
Ich habe in Matukio 6.1.5 ein eigenes Buchungsfeld vom Typ "textarea". Wenn ein Kunde darin einen Kommentar mitgibt, welcher normale Hochkommas enthält (französische Sprache), dann funktioniert der CSV Export nicht mehr. Das exportierte C...
Deborah Weber Matukio supporter
New Member
Hallo Yves, nach dem Update auf Version 7.0 sind nicht mehr alle alten Veranstaltungen da. Wir benötigen diese aber! In der alten Version habe ich nur die Möglichkeit den Button „Migration starten“ zu klicken. Ich komme nicht mehr an die alten Da...
Dirk Carstens Matukio supporter
New Member

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