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Is there any way to make the migration convert extra category associations into tags when moved from WP to Joomla? My WP site has lots of posts that are assigned to more than one category but when I migrate it only keeps the last one. My main goal ...
Hi I can only apply a Hotspot to a single Category... Is it possible to apply Tags to Hotspots? Is there a recommended pattern to achieve something similar? ie I want to list filter Hospitals with A&E and Outpatients services where Hospital ...
I'd be grateful if you could clarify the use of categories in CComment please. I guess Ccomment knows nothing about categories, simply passing data to the integration plugins - is that correct? I'm finding it difficult to reconcile the admin user ...
Hi there, I´ve a question about categories and rights. In the documentation ther´s nothing to find specially for setting user rights. My problem: I´ve different events with many dates. No i´ve various joomla user groups, which shpuld be able t...
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CB : hotspots_mapping line not deleted when locati
Hi, With the Community Builder plugin When I delete a Location (hotspot) c...
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Posted on Monday, 05 June 2023
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    ich habe kürzlich Matukio auf unserer Joomla4 Seite komplett runter geworfen, da...
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  • Download Pro Version of C Comment
    I have looked all over the site, and I do not see where I can download the Pro v...
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    Posted on Sunday, 28 May 2023
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    Missing image in backend comments list
    Hi! In the backend view of the comments list the image for 'published' is missin...
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    Posted on Wednesday, 15 March 2023
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