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  3. Monday, 23 October 2023
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I have a couple of questions about the events:
- Can I leave the closing date open when there is no closing date?
- Can I ask for a deposit instead of the full amount
- Is there a possibility to show starting prices? We work with different packages and every add on is extra. Would be nice if we could say starting from € 100,- for instance
- We have activities that can be booked all year round without a specific booking date. What would you suggest to do? I've now made a filter with "all year round activities". but than I have to fill in an ending date still and than it won't be found in the filter and shown all the way below.

Lay out
The layout I've seen online is super different than how we have it now. Is it possible to look with somebody who is very happy with the layout and can show me how it is done? Now I have a white space on every event page and all the words are close together. On my phone it looks really not nice while this is how most people will search. What are the options with this? I've found 3 templates, but read that there should be 20 different options?

Is there a written documentation? If I look on this website I get the documentation from another program.
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