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How to set up field for contact from module in joomla? Where in Mail Chimp do I find the relevant field names? they have a list of fields for "field mapping" that they say I should set up in Mail Chimp EMAIL=email FNAME=name:0 LNA...
Hi, I have recently upgraded to Joomla 3.9.1 using php7 and also to your latest version of CMC Mailchimp. When I edit the Module now I am getting this error message: 0 [] operator not supported for strings. Any idea how I fix this please? ...
The latest version of the compojoom library is trying to include 2 javascript files from a CDN that no longer appears to be up. In /libraries/compojoom/html/behavior.php, lines 59-60 JHTML::_('script', 'https://oss.maxcdn.com/libs/html5shi...
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Hello, on my clients website I recieve a Joomla Error at the top of page when filling out the CMC subscription form. It gives an 'invalid' error on both fields of the form but the subscription and confimation e-mail are going fine. What can be the ...
Hi there, I have noticed that as of recently I am unable to sign up using the CMC modules. It simply goes gray as if it's loading and nothing happens. I have resynced and re-saved all my settings, but this hasn't changed. Are you aware of any issu...
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Hi, have installed the component for a client to run her marketing campaigns and activated all the necessary plugins for Hikashop integration in order to connect to mailchimp, in her mailchimp account it shows as authorised however in 'Ecommerce' wit...
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