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  3. Tuesday, 12 September 2017
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Hi, have installed the component for a client to run her marketing campaigns and activated all the necessary plugins for Hikashop integration in order to connect to mailchimp, in her mailchimp account it shows as authorised however in 'Ecommerce' within the component the only store available is an uninstalled one - Virtumart.
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Yves Hoppe
Support team
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It just syncs new payments / checkouts (which are redirected from a mailchimp campaign), so yes you can show how much your client is making with your campaigns (that's the thing it's supposed to do).

There is no sync, it automatically creates a store (with the name of the plugin param), gets the list and adds new orders to Mailchimp (including the product).
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Yves Hoppe
Support team
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For extended ecommerce statistics we offer only Virtuemart. For Hikashop we have an simpler integration, which is not shown on the ecommerce tab in CMC.

Just enable the plugin and fill out the params, than the checkout events are recorded to MailChimp.

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So it won't just sync new registrations with Hikashop but checkout events as well? If so that's awesome... and does that include conversion stats? If not, what does it sync to MC? I'm creating automation for my client and want to know how much money she is making from my mail campaigns and not just sales in general. Also, is there any need to manually sync the list in the component or is it all seamlessly bridged?

Sorry, i'm new to CMC. :/
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