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I have installed CComment and it is working on the articles. But there is no captcha. What do I have to do to turn on CComment's inbuilt captcha?...
Hi! We use CComments on a closed intranet environment. Users can comment on news articles. We have a few site managers that place the newsarticles on the site. But the actual content is deleverd by other people. We would like to be able to add an ...
Jip Jonker CComment supporter
New Member
Hello. Can you guys confirm compatibility with Joomla 3.8? My site has crashed and CComments are one of the few additions that I use, so I'm trying to figure out which extension has caused the issue. The issue itself is tied to the routing syste...
Here are the steps I have taken: 1. Install Compojoom Installer 2. Switch my htaccess file to stock version 3. From Compojoom Installer select CComment Pro 4. Enter key created on compojoom.com 5. Click Next 6. Message: “CComment Pro has bee...
A Fisher CComment supporter
New Member
Hi, I am looking for a comment component allows users to choose an option from a list of images. I was wondering if CComment custom fields can make this task. If it does I can go purchase a subscription. Do you have a demo of back-end admin? Thank y...
Hello, why is the comment count still 0, after I published the first comment? I have to manually clean the cache to display the correct number thank you...
Hi, I have a user group that I use for admins with access to only certain parts of each component installed on the website. It makes the life of everyone a lot easier. In case of CComents I don't see a way to set the rights in a way for a spe...
Paulo Faustino CComment supporter
New Member
Hi Guys, i am working with joomla 3.6.5 upgraded from 3.4.8 and php5 upgraded to 7 i got your Compojomm-Installer but when i try to install "CComment Pro" in the last step to get ready i got the info "404 Component not found" ...
HI there, I purchased the pro version in order to be able to use ccomments with DPCalendar, but I cannot seem to get them to function together. I have enabled the DPcalendar-ccomments plug in and have made a new integration setting for DPcalendar in...
Medusa Management CComment supporter
No Ranking
Hello. Please update the language files for CComment, Hotspots at transifex.com. I'll update the translation....
Alex Khoroshevsky Hotspots supporter
Senior Member
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