Changelog for Matukio - Joomla events extension!

Matukio Events 7.2.15 - Released 01-December-2023

  • Fixfix: matukio participant view navigation not working
  • Fixfix: QRCode not showing on PDFs
  • Diffmisc: improve google maps get directions UI

Matukio Events 7.2.14 - Released 21-November-2023

  • Fixfix incorrect start date in finder indexed events
  • Fixfix backend bookings pagination not working

Matukio Events 7.2.13 - Released 8-November-2023

  • Fixfix crash due to wrong folder case for the smart search plugin(on some servers)

Matukio Events 7.2.12 - Released 19-October-2023

  • FixFix crash on Joomla 5
  • FixFix crash when no predefined location was selected

Matukio Events 7.2.11 - Released 14-October-2023

  • FixFix wrong table prefix for smart search plugin

Matukio Events 7.2.10 - Released 14-October-2023

  • NewAdd smart search plugin
  • FixFix event dates not showing in the frontend in the dates view

Matukio Events 7.2.9 - Released 14-September-2023

  • FixFix crash when setting a booking as paid

Matukio Events 7.2.8 - Released 14-September-2023

  • Fixadd glyphicons css to the frontend even if not loading bootstrap

Matukio Events 7.2.7 - Released 28-August-2023

  • Fixfix custom order "show in overview" setting not respected in some situations
  • Fixfix broken navigation if search filter is turned off
  • NewAdd an option to disable the geolocation filter

Matukio Events 7.2.6 - Released 08-May-2023

  • FixFix placeholder on j4 not inserting tags properly
  • FixFix missing created_by and modified_by on creating new locations

Matukio Events 7.2.5 - Released 22-Apr-2023

  • FixFix crash in different_fees.php
  • FixFix crash when generating certificates
  • FixFix crash when sending email to participants
  • FixFix failing event creation in frontend

Matukio Events 7.2.4 - Released 14-Apr-2023

  • FixFix dates were not saved if show begin, show end or show close were not set
  • Fixwith error_reporting on the extra fee options was triggering an error
  • FixModal Location selection was not properly closing the modal
  • FixIf no google maps api key provided, don't display a map in the frontend

Matukio Events 7.2.3 - Released 2-Apr-2023

  • FixFix bookingform edit screen not properly re-creating the form on load

Matukio Events 7.2.2 - Released 28-March-2023

  • FixFix broken booking form validation caused by changes in Joomla 4.2.9

Matukio Events 7.2.1 - Released 05-March-2023

  • FixFix crash when saving an event with invalid fee value

Matukio Events 7.2.0 - Released 05-March-2023

  • FixFix warnings on PHP 8.1 in mod_matukio_organizer
  • FixFix contact organiser button missing

Matukio Events 7.1.11 - Released 22-February-2023

  • FixDates were not saved if the event was not saved before that

Matukio Events 7.1.10 - Released 21-February-2023

  • FixThe DB structure on some old Matukio installations were not properly updated for Joomla 4

Matukio Events 7.1.9 - Released 12-February-2023

  • FixFix sef urls on Joomla 4 were not leading to the correct screen
  • FixFix missing translations

Matukio Events 7.1.8 - Released 10-February-2023

  • FixFix bootstrap 3 template on Joomla 4

Matukio Events 7.1.7 - Released 06-February-2023

  • FixThe DB structure on some old Matukio installations were not properly updated for Joomla 4

Matukio Events 7.1.6 - Released 05-February-2023

  • FixFix wrong URL for booking on Joomla 4

Matukio Events 7.1.5 - Released 05-February-2023

  • FixThe DB structure on some old Matukio installations were not properly updated for Joomla 4
  • FixWhen creating a new date the wrong event was selected from the dropdown list
  • FixFix some UI issues in the backend on joomla 3

Matukio Events 7.1.4 - Released 31-January-2023

  • Fixfix interaction with default booking form in Joomla 4 failing to save
  • Fiximprove UI on Joomla 4

Matukio Events 7.1.3 - Released 25-January-2023

  • Fixfix templates erroneously removing all html on save

Matukio Events 7.1.2 - Released 22-January-2023

  • Fixfix import on joomla 3.x not showing the tab content
  • Fixfix crash on uninstall
  • Fixfix currency code not passed to 2checkout

Matukio Events 7.1.1 - Released 15-January-2023

  • Diffimproved Joomla 4 compatibility
  • Difffixed diverse PHP8 compatibility issues
  • Fixfix CSV import not working
  • Fixfix calendar module not loading properly
  • Fixfix crash on Joomla3 when creating an event
  • Fixfix event customfields not loading the saved value

Matukio Events 7.1.0 - Released

  • NewJoomla 4 Compatability
  • NewFixes for Tags

Matukio Events 7.0.19 - Released 04-October-2020

  • FixFixed changing event for existing bookings (Only works for the same booking form)
  • FixFix display of webinar events (in the event location editing view)
  • FixFix displaying of all day events in the calendar
  • FixMinor other fixes
  • NewAdd recaptcha to contact organizer

Matukio Events 7.0.18 - Released 30-July-2020

  • FixFix a bug were editing / creating a new booking with a custom form is not working
  • FixMinor fixes with the select of custom booking forms
  • FixEasier creation of new bookings in the admin for custom forms

Matukio Events 7.0.17 - Released 19-March-2020

  • FixFix a bug where upcoming events where shown even if the event was unpublished (and the date published)
  • FixFix a zero places selection bug when there were fees which were no longer applicable
  • FixAllow users to publish events in the frontend (if they have the permissions for it)
  • FixTranslation improvements
  • FixMinor CSS fixes
  • NewAdd the option to select an existing custom booking form in the event edit

Matukio Events 7.0.16 - Released 08-December-2019

  • FixFix different fees invoices
  • FixMinor fixes in translation
  • FixUpdate TCPDF to be PHP 7.2 / 7.3 compatible

Matukio Events 7.0.15 - Released 01-February-2019

  • FixFixes in the simple event editing
  • FixFixes for the com_media image button (CSS)
  • FixFixes for event publishing emails
  • FixDifferent fees fixes (Allow zero options to be booked)
  • FixTranslate values in emails
  • FixAdded missing language strings for the german translation

Matukio Events 7.0.14 - Released 14-November-2018

  • FixFixes in the event edit
  • FixFixes for the simple upload form

Matukio Events 7.0.13 - Released 09-October-2018

  • FixFixes in the event edit

Matukio Events 7.0.12 - Released 12-September-2018

  • FixRouting fixes in tauristar template
  • FixFix Print function in booking view
  • FixPaid status: Only send email if booking is not already active
  • FixImprovements and fixes in simple submit view (Frontend)
  • FixFixed meta description
  • FixGeolocation issue fixes
  • FixSlogan in Coupons
  • FixTranslation for failed login message
  • FixMatukio near by module fixes
  • FixFixed additional dates and event submissions
  • FixBreadcrumbs translate title
  • FixRouting fixes for event-list

Matukio Events 7.0.11 - Released 23-June-2018

  • FixFixes for consent link
  • FixOther minor improvements and bugfixes
  • FixUpdated german translation
  • NewAdded more plugin events for dates
  • NewPreparing Google Calendar sync plugin

Matukio Events 7.0.10 - Released 13-June-2018

  • FixWorkaround for additional dates and timezones
  • FixFixes for the additional dates
  • FixFixes for the booking status
  • FixTranslations for options
  • FixMigration improvements
  • FixOther minor improvements and bugfixes
  • NewSome GDPR improvements (Consent link option for the booking form)

Matukio Events 7.0.9 - Released 08-May-2018

  • FixFixes in the bookings overview
  • FixFixes in the form
  • FixSimple file upload fixes
  • FixPayment extra placeholder
  • FixFix frontend URL booking toggle redirect
  • FixUpdated check-in URL
  • FixGerman translation

Matukio Events 7.0.8 - Released 20-April-2018

  • FixLanguage fixes
  • FixDate and Date edit fixes
  • FixCSV header fixes
  • FixForm Action fixes

Matukio Events 7.0.7 - Released 17-March-2018

  • FixFixed a crash on Joomla 3.8.6 with system language filter enabled
  • FixModified file upload to upload and store files in the file system
  • FixThe upload folder is protected with an .htaccess file, make sure you protect
  • Fixdirect access yourself if not using Apache Webserver
  • NewJoomla Captcha support

Matukio Events 7.0.6 - Released 12-February-2018

  • FixMinor bugfixes and improvements
  • FixOrdering of fields on the confirmation page and in the emails
  • FixSearch improvements
  • FixCheck if category id is an array in routing
  • FixFixes in location filter
  • FixFixes with coupons and events
  • FixFixes with show login
  • FixParsing variables in print view

Matukio Events 7.0.5 - Released 17-December-2017

  • NewShow all day option in date edit
  • NewCommunity Builder support for the booking form
  • NewReadded dates view (not in menu for now, administrator/index.php?option=com_matukio&view=recurring)
  • FixFixes in the banktransfer plugin
  • FixFixes in the traffic lights in the event-list
  • FixFixes for Auto-Event publishing

Matukio Events 7.0.4 - Released 09-December-2017

  • FixMultiple minor bugfixes and improvements
  • FixMap module fixes
  • FixPHP 7.2 improvements (remove create_function)
  • FixOld different fees fixes (unable to edit)
  • FixFixes in CMC Newsletter
  • FixCalendar fixes
  • FixIssue with last available seat and stop booking setting
  • FixHigher limit for dates in the backend
  • FixGerman translation fixes
  • FixFee fixes for german decimal sign

Matukio Events 7.0.3 - Released 06-November-2017

  • FixMultiple minor bugfixes and improvements
  • FixSearch plugin fixes
  • FixRouting improvements

Matukio Events 7.0.2 - Released 22-October-2017

  • FixFixed recurring dates generation (both JavaScript and PHP)
  • FixCleaned up menu in category view
  • FixFixed bookings overview (selecting one single event)
  • FixFixed bookings overview filters
  • FixFixed db creation on 1&1 servers
  • FixMinor other fixes and improvements

Matukio Events 7.0.1 - Released 14-October-2017

  • FixFixed booking fee calculation in the frontend (if coupons are disabled)
  • FixFixed ICS import
  • FixFixed an timezone issue for newly added dates (if you are not using UTC / GMT time)
  • FixFixed edit event link in the frontend
  • FixFixed some routing issues in the frontend
  • FixFixed participants view in the frontend
  • NewSetting for showing all events (not only not started ones) for the maps module

Matukio Events 7.0.0 - Released 10-September-2017

  • FixMove from to new JController task system, no more black magic
  • FixClean up of #__matukio and #__matukio_bookings table
  • FixImproved code base, moved most output into JLayout for easier overwriting
  • FixImproved events calendar
  • FixImproved booking fields overview and participants view
  • FixImproved Payment pages and plugin updates
  • FixImproved Routing
  • FixImproved UX + Design
  • FixImproved Invoice + Ticket + Certificate (including optional background images)
  • FixTauristar improvements and settings integration
  • FixMove Filter to JLayout
  • FixUpdated Rating and Certification dialogs
  • NewNew booking form creation tool - Integrated CForms into Matukio
  • NewNew booking form headers
  • NewNew booking form designs
  • NewImproved confirmation page with payment details
  • NewEvent edit design and workflow (backend and frontend)
  • NewBooking edit design and workflow (backend and frontend)
  • NewEvent dates can be batch created anytime now
  • NewOptional Background images for Tickets and Certificate
  • NewNew file management (Unlimited files per event are now possible)
  • NewTraffic lights / Bar chart of available places in all Event-List templates (optional)
  • NewClean up of templates edit in the backend
  • DelRemoved dates view in favor of event overview and event detail date edit
  • DelRemoved old modern event-list
  • DelRemoved old custom fields (Use booking form override for now)
  • DelRemoved old captcha

Matukio Events 6.1.5 - Released 16-July-2017

  • FixFix event location in email body
  • Fixwebcal link was leading to a redirect when the canonical links plugin from managecms was installed on the site
  • FixAdded TZID in ics file for local dates
  • FixFixed a bug with coupon code and extra values
  • FixImproved URLs with tauristar event-list template
  • FixFixed show-time for Joomla 3.7 calendar
  • NewAdded don't update local amount for frontend
  • NewButtons in Tauristar

Matukio Events 6.1.4 - Released 22-May-2017

  • FixFixed an issue during event duplication
  • FixAlias is now changed during event duplication
  • FixFixes in payment during booking
  • FixFixed an issue in the category filter in the modern event-list template
  • FixLanguage related fixes
  • NewSetting for wether waitlist bookings should be paid or not

Matukio Events 6.1.3 - Released 12-May-2017

  • FixFixes for the calendar in Joomla 3.7
  • FixFixes in saving events on certain hosts
  • FixTime in event date edit
  • FixFix query when no users exist for new event email
  • FixFix Girocheckout plugin redirect (so not multiple messages are sent)
  • FixTranslate event additional fields
  • FixFixes for SEF Urls
  • NewAdded sorting option for event-wizard
  • NewAdded sample data for the installer
  • NewCoupons can now limited to events

Matukio Events 6.1.2 - Released 05-April-2017

  • NewNew view event wizard (Choose on Location, Category and date) the events
  • NewRest API for events (see Documentation)
  • NewRest API for categories (see Documentation)
  • FixFixes in the event locator for Joomla 3.6.5
  • FixFixes in the API
  • FixFixed generation of recurring events (With timezones that have DST)

Matukio Events 6.1.1 - Released 15-March-2017

  • NewSet the bootstrap size per organizer in the organizers module
  • NewMatukio CMC Plugin
  • NewAutomatic image resizing (on setting) when uploading over the simple image uploader (With settings)
  • FixNew parameters and optimization for organizer module
  • FixNew parameters and optimization near you module
  • FixNew parameters and optimization tiles module
  • FixFixed the simple image uploader for event detail image

Matukio Events 6.1.0 - Released 13-March-2017

  • NewNew view -> Event-Locator with automatic geocoding of locations near you
  • NewShow files for active bookings
  • NewLocation Overrides per date
  • NewBasic REST JSON Query API for information
  • FixImproved Event-List in the backend
  • FixImproved RSS Feeds and ICS files
  • FixImproved Routing on the eventlist
  • FixReject Booking with a message
  • FixMore GeoLocation options
  • FixTauristar (Beta) improvements (probably stable with 6.1.x)

(optimised on big event pages with 1000s of locations and organizers)

  • FixBetter payment failure debugging / PayPal improvements
  • FixImproved german translation
  • FixLanguage fixes
  • FixQuery optimizations
  • FixBooking form fixes (if the user is already registered) and due to a bug in 3.6.5
  • FixWaitlist bookings are now not redirected to the payment page
  • FixMicrodata fixes
  • FixMultiple other minor fixes

Matukio Events 6.0.16 - Released 07-February-2017

  • FixMinor fixes and improvements
  • FixBooking form fixes
  • FixGoogle Maps quoting fixes
  • FixFix structured data in modern template
  • FixOptimized Plugin events
  • FixChanged default filter in the event-list to All
  • FixUpdated composer dependencies
  • FixUpdated GiroPay SDK
  • FixGerman translation updates
  • FixFixes in script.php
  • Fixmod_matukio_upcoming Fixed missing language strings
  • FixLocal files for PDF backgrounds
  • FixChanged default text in Search plugin
  • NewPayPal option to accept insecure IPNs
  • NewGiroCheckout plugin

Matukio Events 6.0.15 - Released 08-December-2016

  • NewAdded badge generation feature (Downloads as PDF)
  • NewSetting for disabling the pagination at the event-list

Matukio Events 6.0.14 - Released 22-November-2016

  • FixOnly show pagination when there are more events then the limit
  • FixFix wrong currency when creating booking in backend
  • FixFixed an CSS issue in the booking page for multiple tickets
  • FixFixed an issue with the booking page when you fast hit Add button
  • FixFix number of events in event table (Thanks Thilo Petry for reporting)
  • FixFixed an issue with default values in calendar (week and day - Thanks Thilo Petry)
  • FixFixes in text for the calendar
  • FixFix of default value in firstHour for the calendar (for updates change it to 08:00:00)
  • FixFixed an label issue (webinar) in default values (Thanks Oleg Makogon for reporting)
  • FixFixes in submission view
  • FixFixes with Microdata (for event details)
  • FixFixes of the event-link
  • FixFixes in organizers view (link for events)
  • FixPlugin Event fixes
  • FixRemoved a tab from organizer comment
  • FixFixed an issue in mod_matukio_events_near_you
  • FixNone / Reset filter for the new booking field filters
  • FixRemoved JRoute from ICS file
  • FixDate in new event mail is now sent with JHtml date
  • FixFixes in index creation

Matukio Events 6.0.13 - Released 23-October-2016

  • NewCustom event field filtering (beta!) in Tauristar and Bootstrap 3 template!
  • NewSearch / filtering of new booking fields (beta!) -> when set to show in overviews
  • NewShow No events found in mod_matukio_upcoming
  • NewEvents near you Geolocation module (beta!)
  • FixPerformance optimizations and more indexes for Matukio tables
  • FixPrevent deleting first row of additional dates
  • FixFixed plugin events (with error)
  • FixAdded CSV delimiter back to configuration
  • FixFixes in event edit (Thanks Thilo for reporting!)
  • FixClean up of 2.5 legacy code

Matukio Events 6.0.12 - Released 30-September-2016

  • NewLocations near you module (beta! - not translated)
  • NewNew tauristar event-list view (beta! Just for testing, not productive)
  • NewPerfect for big sites with many locations, organizers etc.
  • NewAdds geolocation and radius search support!
  • FixFixes in event-list model
  • FixFixing serach for event-list
  • FixFixes in edit event (wrong link provided)
  • FixOrganizer and location view will now display events until their end and not begin
  • FixFixes in mail helper

Matukio Events 6.0.11 - Released 10-September-2016

  • FixSwitch back to old Matukio pagination, to many issues with Joomla one (overrides)

Matukio Events 6.0.10 - Released 10-September-2016

  • FixRouting improvements in event-list for bootstrap template
  • FixFixes in organizer template
  • FixFixes in submit form
  • FixMinor other improvements and fixes

Matukio Events 6.0.9 - Released 26-August-2016

  • FixFix in pagination (Thank you Marc for reporting)
  • FixDetail image is now also displayed in bootstrap 3 and modern event detail template
  • FixSome css fixes in the event creation form

Matukio Events 6.0.8 - Released 24-August-2016

  • FixMassive performance improvements in bootstrap 3 template (completely rewritten the queries)
  • FixFixed missing organizer lnk in academy template (thanks Marc for reporting)
  • FixFixes in calendar view
  • FixRemoved routing from contact form action (fix for buggy joomla websites)
  • FixCustom Fields fixes in the frontend
  • FixFixes in paypal plugin (be sure to have at least php 5.6 for the IPN callback to work)
  • FixFixes in event booking category

Matukio Events 6.0.7 - Released 20-July-2016

  • FixPHPMailer fixes for Joomla 3.6
  • FixRemoved advertisings from Dashboard
  • FixEvents are now also not shown when the event itself and not only the date is unpublished
  • FixUpdated system tests
  • FixLanguage / Translation improvements
  • FixText related changes / missing spaces in event views
  • FixValidation fixes for old booking fields
  • FixFixes in event booking importer
  • FixMany other minor fixes
  • NewNew event mail is now also send on simple transmission form (when autopublish is enabled)
  • NewNew view: Organizer list
  • NewLocations can now be taken from Hotspots (if installed) -> new setting

Matukio Events 6.0.6 - Released 28-May-2016

  • FixBugfixes in the booking form
  • FixUpdated PayPal plugin
  • FixSearch plugin translation fix
  • FixUpdated lib_compojoom
  • NewOption to choose default view (month, week, day) in calendar

Matukio Events 6.0.5 - Released 06-May-2016

  • NewCurrency is shown again in the booking form
  • FixAdded user id in the booking when possible (user registration)
  • FixImprovements in plugin
  • FixFix coupon percent value not working in not different fees
  • FixFixed issues with currencies
  • FixFixes in the booking form, eventlist and config
  • FixIntegrated show title and meta tags from menu items

Matukio Events 6.0.4 - Released 27-April-2016

  • NewStandalone views to show terms and conditions and revoke text
  • NewCertificates are now generated as PDF (please make sure your cert template is still working)
  • NewCertificates can now added send as PDF attachment via the certificated email
  • FixUpdated default certificate template (only new installation)
  • FixMinor bugfixes and enhancements
  • FixFixed an issue with total sums in booking form
  • FixFixed an issue with the calendar module

Matukio Events 6.0.3 - Released 23-April-2016

  • NewDisplaying taxes and net value on the last booking page (if you have a tax)
  • FixFixed issues in calendar category choosing
  • FixFixed issues in script.php
  • FixFixed calendar module

Matukio Events 6.0.2 - Released 21-April-2016

  • NewYou can now choose how you want to enter the fee (net or gross)
  • NewAdded triggers for updating broken Matukio tables again
  • FixMinor bugfixes and improvements
  • FixFixed ascii char in bookings overview (Thanks Pascal)
  • FixFixed print signature and participant list
  • FixPublishing / unpublishing events bug in the backend
  • FixCalendar category fixes
  • FixLanguage in emails during user registration

Matukio Events 6.0.1 - Released 10-April-2016

  • FixMinor bugfixes and improvements

Matukio Events 6.0.0 - Released March-2016

  • Newvent list view (Table)
  • Newategory event list view (Table)
  • Neweatured / Top events view
  • Newxtra fee options (as a checkbox!)
  • Newurrency objects (select it per event!)
  • Newupport for Joomla tags! (event)
  • Newew form validator for the booking form
  • Newevoke dialog and checkbox (like terms, optional)
  • Newoomla registration / login during event booking
  • Newew event detail template: Academy
  • Newplit dates (e.g. multiple days with breaks etc.)
  • Newplit of date and time (you can have allday events etc.)
  • Newutomatic creation of organizer accounts when used as publisher
  • Newewrite of the modern template (improved responsiveness, cleanup, but only minor design changes)
  • Newheck if email is already registered for guest bookers, if not allowed to book multiple tickets
  • NewEvent detail image (for academy template only)
  • NewMigration from settings table to config.xml
  • NewOption to have no seat / place limitation (e.g. 99999)
  • NewSharrif (social media with privacy) support
  • NewMore plugin events
  • FixImproved routing! No duplicate event content!
  • FixUpdate TCPDF + fonts
  • FixRemove plus sign (+) on event detail page
  • FixBetter tooltips
  • FixMove event editing to JLayout (easy customizable now)
  • FixUpdated fullcalendar, improved responsiveness
  • FixPayment plugins are now dynamically loaded
  • FixMore Unit- and System-tests
  • FixReplace of Bootstrap Modal (too many issues with templates)
  • Fix-> Migrated to responsive friendly magnific popup
  • FixMicrodata improvements (SEO!)
  • FixPagination for bookings and participants in the frontend
  • FixImproved security (Protection against SQL injections)
  • FixOverride title and max pupil in the date (for recurring dates)
  • FixUpdated documentation (you are reading it right now)

Matukio Events 5.2.8 - Released 30-October-2015

  • payment plugin
  • NewTemplate Placeholders for event custom fields (MAT_EVENT_CUSTOM_ + slug)
  • NewAdded option to not recalculate the total amount when you edit an existing booking as organizer
  • NewOptional drag and drop uploader in the "big" event edit / create form (Activate in the basic Matukio settings) instead of com_media
  • NewAdded image preview if you edit old events
  • FixIntegrated JoRobo build system
  • FixReintegrated tutor field (as a temporary solution - field is still deprecated, move to custom fields please)
  • FixFixed exact search in Matukio search plugin
  • FixAdded asterisk to begin, end and category in submit view
  • FixFixed contact organizer issues on some sites (not closing form after error, if routing fails)
  • FixFixed map loading for the icon in the event-list (if no latitude / longitude is set)
  • FixRemoved override email from organizer
  • FixFixed ordering in organizer module
  • FixFixes in map module
  • FixMany other minor fixes and optimizations
  • FixTranslation optimization

Matukio Events 5.2.7 - Released 06-October-2015

  • FixGeneral cleanup and improvements
  • FixNew line fixes in contact participants
  • FixContacting participants is going to contact only active and pending subscribers now (There is going to be an option later, quick workaround)
  • FixEvent submission form improvements
  • FixFixed the reset button in the backend
  • FixFixed a bug with old events and stop showing -> Forever
  • FixChanged alerts to console.log - errors are no longer directly communicated to the user.
  • FixRouting improvements
  • FixSecurity improvements
  • NewAllow editing events with the new submission form (if event was submitted this way - new events only)

Matukio Events 5.2.6 - Released 21-September-2015

  • FixMinor bugfixes and improvements
  • FixFixed a bug in the installer
  • FixFees ACL level fix
  • FixDuplicate error in moduleid fix during update
  • FixNo more htmlspecialchars in mod_matukio on short description
  • FixRemoved old unused libraries
  • FixFixes in fee printing
  • FixCheck for empty publishers
  • NewSetting for Number of events on location / organizer pages

Matukio Events 5.2.5 - Released 16-August-2015

  • FixMinor bugfixes and improvements
  • NewCaptcha on single booking form
  • NewTemplate for certificate email - you can now customize it!
  • NewAdded check-in button in the bookings overview (backend)

Matukio Events 5.2.4 - Released 09-August-2015

  • FixFixed a bug in the event detail layout
  • FixJED review advertising now hides correctly even if you change your joomla settings
  • FixFixed location description
  • FixOptimized Google maps on the event-list overview
  • FixFixed a warning when you print the event-list
  • NewYou can now use the [sem_level] tags also in the descriptions for locations and organizers

Matukio Events 5.2.3 - Released 01-August-2015

  • NewACL fee level for normal fees
  • NewTemplate placeholders (##COM_MY_TEXT##) for multilanguage sites in the descriptions
  • FixMinor bugfixes

Matukio Events 5.2.2 - Released 31-July-2015

  • FixccNewsletter plugin was not loading the ccNewsletter langauge files and some strings were not translated in the mail
  • NewccNewsletter plugin has now an option for the true value when subscribing to a newsletter

Matukio Events 5.2.1 - Released 29-July-2015

  • NewAdded CCNewsletter plugin

Matukio Events 5.2.0 - Released 29-July-2015

  • NewCustom fields for events (you can show them on different positions)
  • NewNew secured event submission form incl. image upload
  • NewTotal payment sum now also first page of the booking form (ticket selection)
  • NewRecaptcha for contacting organizers
  • NewDisable / Enable payment processing per event
  • NewACL levels for different fees with custom login link
  • NewEnhanced contact forms including success / error responses
  • NewAddress coordinates (lat / lng) in the locations for enhanced google maps performance
  • NewBetter Waiting-list status in the event-lists
  • NewMinify & Join of Matukio JavaScript and CSS (save up to 70% bandwidth!) with caching
  • NewMicroData support for events (working in progress)
  • NewAlways send invoice setting
  • NewCategory support in the calendar
  • NewBoulderado cashier software support
  • NewAutomatically load old booking data if there is any old booking for the user
  • NewAutomatic update of end and closing date if you change the begin
  • FixTranslation support of values in the templates
  • FixImproved routing
  • FixImproved translation
  • FixDefault value (Id) for locations
  • FixImproved dashboard
  • FixEnhanced and updates social media buttons

Matukio 5.1.3 - Released 13-January-2015

  • FixCoupon codes without a published up and down are now correctly substracted on the third page of the booking form
  • FixFixed a bug with the bootstrap 3 detail page and the booking selects
  • FixMultiple bookings set to false does not affect the add button in the booking-form any longer.
  • FixSome routing fixes when Matukio is on the home page
  • FixJavaScript escaping for translation strings in the calendar
  • FixThe placeholder is now translated correctly
  • FixSome translation fixes and improvements

Matukio 5.1.2 - Released 24-December-2014

  • FixBootstrap 3 template the word map was not translated (Thanks to Rob Swart)
  • FixRadio-Button values are now also displayed correctly at the confirmation (3rd) page in the booking form
  • FixIf the booking fee is zero (for example thanks to a coupon code) the status is now changed to active
  • FixSome routing related fixes and improvements
  • FixEven better hotspots support - see for a demo
  • FixSome translation fixes and improvements
  • FixThe max bookings setting is now also used at the bootstrap3 event details page (ticket area)
  • FixSome other minor fixes and improvements

Matukio 5.1.1 - Released 17-December-2014

  • FixFixed a bug with the XML template

Matukio 5.1.0 - Released 15-December-2014

  • NewCommunity Builder support! (Prefill booking-fields with CB data)
  • NewToogle right informations / menu in event detail view (or hide it completely if you like)
  • NewSubject field in the contact forms
  • NewXML attachment for Booking confirmations for organizers
  • NewShow net instead of gross (brutto) fees (bootstrap 3 template only)
  • NewMeta-Tags and Meta-Description for events (overrides Tab)
  • payment plugin (Thanks to!)
  • NewOption for using local time (based on user profile, joomla, php) in ICS files
  • FixNow showing the fees also if it is not online bookable in the event details
  • FixPerformance optimizations in the template generation
  • FixSome CSV fixes
  • FixMany minor fixes and improvements
  • FixImproved Hotspots and CComment support! (Get them now!)

Matukio 5.0.9 - Released 18-November-2014

  • FixFixed that when removing a ticket in the booking-form the per place fields were not updated
  • FixSome different fee related bugfixes (event specific ones - thanks to Dominique Morel)
  • FixSome translation related fixes
  • FixEvent specific fields now also have the red asteriks when they are required
  • FixFixed a bug that the booking form total amount was no calculated when the index.php could not be redirected correctly (htaccess workaround)
  • FixMinor layout changes for iPad (horizontal mode) in the bootstrap 3 layout
  • FixBooking status now also applies when you delete an event and not only when you delete a date
  • FixMinor fixes and improvements

Matukio 5.0.8 - Released 07-November-2014

  • FixFixed a routing bug

Matukio 5.0.7 - Released 07-November-2014

  • FixFixed the event creation in the frontend (the form was broken)
  • FixMinor fixes in the default settings

Matukio 5.0.6 - Released 05-November-2014

  • FixFixed a bug with organizers editing all events in the frontend (bootstrap 3 template)
  • FixFixed a bug with the publisher overwritten in the frontend by other organizers
  • FixAdded a fix for empty fees ("")
  • FixFixed a routing bug in create event which could cause errors after saving
  • FixFixed a routing bug in the eventlist overview with SEF URLs turned off
  • FixFixed a bug in the Matukio module showing status as booked where booking is deleted
  • FixSome minor translation fixes
  • FixSome currency fixes
  • FixFixed a bug in the modern bookings view where the organizer was not shown correctly

Matukio 5.0.5 - Released 21-October-2014

  • FixFixed a bug with Google Recaptcha (not showing up on some installations)
  • FixFixed a bug with the first row of different fees in the event not taken to booking form
  • FixCategory images are now also working on locations and organizer pages
  • FixBooking form improvements with multiple fees
  • FixSome language related fixes
  • FixSmall fix in booking details view (booking id is now shown correctly)
  • FixFixed a bug when search was hidden in the bootstrap 3 template

Matukio 5.0.4 - Released 18-October-2014

  • FixCategory images now work also in upcoming event view (Thanks Hubert!)
  • FixSome language related fixes (Thanks Bernd and Sebastiaan)
  • FixFixed a bug in MAT_BOOKING_TICKETS, causing it not to load in invoices or tickets
  • FixParticipant list link should now work also in modern event template
  • FixFixed ordering of the booking fields
  • FixFixed a bug saving editing bookings through admin / organizer
  • FixAdded some css identifier classes to all displayed event informations in the bootstrap 3 template
  • FixFixed return / booking link for payment plugins
  • FixSupress notices in generating invoices / tickets (TCPDF generates sometimes notices even when html is correct, which breaks PDF-generation)

Matukio 5.0.3 - Released 15-October-2014

  • FixFix for view participants in the modern eventlist
  • FixAdditional jimport for files and folders at utils_basic.php
  • FixFixed the participants link in the modern template
  • FixICS File fix
  • FixForcing UTF-8 on requested payments
  • FixSome translation related fixes

Matukio 5.0.2 - Released 13-October-2014

  • FixRouting fixes in the calendar (when it is in a submenu)
  • FixRouting fixes for the modern view (when it is in a submenu)
  • FixRouting fixes for submenus
  • FixFixed a fatal error with the old captcha
  • FixFixed a bug in the eventlist printing

Matukio 5.0.1 - Released 11-October-2014

  • NewAmerican style grading system (as option)
  • FixFixed a bug with absolute fees in the booking form
  • FixSome booking status related fixes
  • FixFixed a place issue in the printed eventlist
  • FixSome CSS fixes

Matukio 5.0.0 - Released 06-October-2014

  • NewBooking details per place in the new booking form!
  • NewBooking details in the overviews (as option)!
  • NewAdditional eventlist filters (filter by locations, organizers, date, fees etc.)
  • NewUpdate directly with the Joomla updater - just set your download id!
  • NewCancellation reason for display on event details page
  • NewNew dashboard including statistics, changelog and more
  • NewEditor Plugin for Booking placeholders
  • NewColored events on the calendar and informations on Hover
  • NewSave & New buttons + Duplicate on many forms in the backend
  • NewCleanup trash for cleaning up old deleted bookings
  • NewPagination for the new upcoming events view
  • NewModerated events (Approval by admin)
  • NewIf you select an event in the bookings view the event description is now added to the participants and signature list.
  • NewCSV event import
  • NewMatukio Tiles module (best on large areas) showing next events
  • NewMatukio Maps module showing events / locations on the map
  • NewMatukio Organizer module showing organizers
  • NewSome new placeholders, QR-Codes and more
  • FixCompletely rewritten layout in the frontend -> fully responsive, 100% bootstrap 3!
  • FixSocial media share buttons on almost every page (as a option)
  • FixParsing description [sem_booked] should now work also in emails
  • FixValidation should now work properly in the backend
  • FixOptimized booking form for better usability
  • FixIncluded new Matukio logo
  • FixNew default value options (like tax-id)
  • FixSettings cleanup and merge
  • FixAllow GPX files upload
  • FixTranslation fixes (english and german)
  • FixBookings data is now storred in JSON format!
  • FixThousand of other fixes and minor improvements!
  • FixOrganizer Bookings & View participants view are now divided into 2 views
  • FixVarious status fixes
  • FixFixed a bug in the PayPal module caused by an API change
  • FixImproved payment modules
  • FixQR-Codes are now working in invoices and tickets
  • DelOld booking form
  • DelOld default template (eventlist & event)
  • DelSettings cleanup
  • DelOld mootools calendar

Matukio 4.5.4

  • FixFixed the redirect on booking problem
  • FixFixed MAT_USER placeholders in new event email
  • FixMinor bugfixes and improvements

Matukio 4.5.3

  • NewNew placeholder MAT_BOOKING_TICKETS (html table listing all booked tickets and types - only for different fees)
  • FixFixed some booking related things
  • FixFixed a problem in the module
  • FixUnpublishing / Republishing of dates should now work properly
  • FixMinor bugfixes and improvements

Matukio 4.5.2

  • NewNew placeholders for showing only the date and not datetime of the begin, end and closing date of an event
  • FixSome german translation fixes (Thanks to Bernd Seifert)
  • FixJoomla 2.5 fixes (mostly CSS in the frontend)
  • FixFixes according to booking status and shown events
  • FixBooking edit now works properly with single tickets and different fees (backend)
  • FixMinor fixes and improvements

Matukio 4.5.1

  • FixMinor fixes in the cronjob
  • FixFixes event status and booking button
  • FixWaitlist bookings are now also shown in the "My bookings" tab
  • FixOther minor fixes and improvements

Matukio 4.5.0

  • NewNew booking checkin function, including three new placeholders:
  • NewMAT_BOOKING_CHECKIN_URL - A plain URL where the user is checked in
  • NewMAT_BOOKING_CHECKIN_LINK - A html link pointing to the check in URL
  • NewMAT_BOOKING_CHECKIN_QRCODE - A QRCode image pointing to the check in URL
  • NewYou can set either checking in of bookings is only possible for organizers or for everyone (Matukio setting)
  • NewNew default setting for minimum participants
  • NewGrading of participants
  • FixFixed contact form in bookings details (Thanks to Hubert Beck)
  • FixFixed booking annulation email (Thanks to Hubert Beck)
  • FixCSS fixes
  • FixOther minor fixes and improvements

Matukio 4.4.2

  • New3 new payment plugins: Payfast, Paymill and epaydk
  • FixBootstrap in the print lists (Joomla 2.5)
  • FixSome translation fixes
  • FixOther minor fixes and improvements

Matukio 4.4.1

  • FixAbsolute fees bug in booking form
  • FixNumber of booked places is now always shown on the confirmatino page (if more then 1 place allowed to book)
  • FixIf booking multiple places (setting) is allowed the event will no longer be red in the eventlist once booked
  • FixOther minor fixes and improvements

Matukio 4.4.0

  • FixFixed a bug in the "My bookings view" with multiple bookings of the same event
  • FixSome booking related fixes
  • NewAdded booking id to "My bookings" overview
  • NewPreallocation of bookingfields with Joomla user data (edit booking fields to set up)

Matukio 4.3.1

  • FixMAT_EVENT_CUSTOMX now displays only the title
  • FixThe setting absolute values for different fees now applies to the bookingform dropdown also
  • FixFixed file download
  • FixSome language related fixes
  • FixSome CSS bugs in the event edit form

Matukio 4.3.0

  • New3 New Cronjobs
  • NewAutomatic cancellation / confirmation of events (X days before event) on min. participants field (new)
  • NewFree places email reminder (X Days before event)
  • NewInvoice email X Days after event
  • NewNew event email including template to all Joomla users or an selected usergroup
  • FixE-Mail BCC can now contain multiple E-Mails (comma separated)
  • FixBugfix for Mysql 5.0
  • FixOnly pending or active bookings in My bookings list (no deleted / archived ones)
  • FixOther minor bugfixes and improvements

Matukio 4.2.4

  • FixFixed a bug in MAT_BOOKING_DETAILPAGEetc. routing
  • FixFixed cancel booking# Some template fixes
  • FixFixed duplicate recurring dates# Fixed a bug with BCC E-Mail
  • FixOnly export active or pending bookings in the signature and particpants lists and csv export (frontend)
  • FixOther minor bugfixes and improvements

Matukio 4.2.3

  • FixFixed a bug in MAT_BOOKING_DETAILPAGE etc. routing
  • FixFixed cancel booking
  • FixSome template fixes
  • FixFixed duplicate recurring dates
  • FixFixed a bug with BCC E-Mail
  • FixOnly export active or pending bookings in the signature and particpants lists (frontend)
  • FixOther minor bugfixes and improvements

Matukio 4.2.2

  • FixSome template related fixes
  • FixUpdated Matukio documentation (see
  • FixMinor bugfixes and improvements

Matukio 4.2.1

  • FixMinor fixes on the new booking details page
  • FixMinor fixes on the backed bookings page and in the csv export (Thanks to Andre Wegener for reporting)
  • FixSome german language fixes (Thanks to Bernd Seifert for reporting)
  • NewNew setting "New bookings pending" (set new bookings to always pending status)

Matukio 4.2.0

  • FixMinor bugfixes and improvements
  • FixEdit of bookings with the new booking form (if not paid and allowed)!!
  • NewNew booking detail page (default redirect from the booking form now)!
  • NewAdded a payment plugins link in the settings menu

Matukio 4.0.0

  • FixNew backend theme and workflow

Matukio 3.1.0

  • NewAdded PDF invoice generation in the backend, automatic with email and download in the frontend (including settings)
  • NewAdded template for invoices and invoice email
  • NewAdded PDF ticket generation in the backend, automatic with email and download in the frontend (including settings)
  • NewAdded template for ticket generation
  • FixFixed bug in plugin
  • NewAdded error form for plugin including backbutton
  • NewAdded status view and changing of bookings
  • NewTraffic lights now have tooltips

Matukio 3.0.8

  • FixVarious minor bugfixes and improvements
  • FixFixed a bug for contacting participants in the backend.
  • FixDownloading files with SSL enabled should now work properly
  • NewAdded the locations to the upcoming events view including link to location page
  • NewAdded a direct debit payment plugin

Matukio 3.0.7

  • FixFixed a bug showing the wrong event title header in export
  • FixFixed two bugs in the search plugin causing a fatal error on some installations
  • FixLightbox map should now work correctly with location objects (location page)
  • FixOptimized location sef URLs (now containing location title)

Matukio 3.0.6

  • FixVarious minor bugfixes and improvements
  • FixSpacers with text are now hidden in booking emails etc.
  • FixThe redirect option is now also working for all events and both bookingsforms
  • FixMAT_EVENT_LOCATION and MAT_EVENT_PLACE should now also work with the new locations

Matukio 3.0.5

  • FixVarious minor bugfixes and improvements
  • FixFixed a bug in the statistics (height)
  • FixThe redirect option is now also working for the new booking form (for free events only)
  • FixFixed a bug causing to show the eventlist title on the location / organizer page instead of the right one
  • NewAlways show number of bookings fields in the administration area (editbookings)
  • NewAdded the map to the location page

Matukio 3.0.4

  • FixVarious Bugfixes and improvements
  • NewAdded a participants button to the event views (opt)
  • NewAdded a duplicate feature for coupons

Matukio 3.0.3

  • FixVarious Bugfixes and improvements
  • FixFixed a bug in the install script
  • NewThe menu is now also translated
  • NewAdded the sha1 crypted booking number to the bookings overview

Matukio 3.0.2

  • FixFixed a bug causing no different fees shown on event specific different fees
  • FixFixed some issues with contacting participants on Joomla 2.5
  • FixSome more small bugfixes including some translation errors
  • NewYou can now limit the coupons to a number of hits, after that number they are automatically unpublished
  • NewYou can now see how often a coupon code has been used

Matukio 3.0.1

  • FixVarious Bugfixes and improvements

Matukio 3.0.0

  • FixRewrite of the backend
  • FixChanged the default long date / time from l, d. F Y - h:i a to l, d. F Y - H:i
  • NewAdded a setting that organizers in the frontend are also able to edit not their own events (correct ACL group needed)
  • NewAdded a setting to choose if the fee should be shown in the eventlist overview
  • NewYou can now reset the settings, bookingfields, templates by clicking on the reset button in the overviews
  • NewAdded a setting for an additional E-Mail address which gets all E-Mails send by Matukio
  • NewAdded new bookingfield type Spacer Text - this is a text span which you can show in your booking form
  • NewAdded a setting for showing the timezone of an event in the frontend (currently only in the overview and on the eventpage)

Matukio 2.2.4

  • FixBugfix release
  • FixMany optimizations and Fixes
  • FixLanguage fixes
  • FixMySQL Error which could cause problems when updating from 2.1.10 (MySQL Strict)
  • FixContact participants should now work
  • FixFixed a bug which prevented showing the total amount
  • FixPayment Plugin fixes

Matukio 2.2.3

  • FixFixed a bug with the Signature
  • FixThe search field in the backend should now accept spaces
  • FixFixed a bug which caused banktransfer payment plugin installation to fail
  • FixFixed a bug which prevented showing the correct payment methods when you edit / create an event (frontend and backend)

Matukio 2.2.2

  • FixBugfix release addressing most known problems
  • FixFixed a bug which prevented showing up the payment page in some cases
  • FixFixed some bugs in the booking form
  • FixOn confirm page of the booking form the payment methods plugin name should now be shown
  • FixVarious language fixes
  • FixWorkaround for a bug in Joomla 3.1.4 (camel-case bug)
  • FixContacting an organizer should now wwork properly for all users
  • FixFixed some inconsistencies according to organizers (modern eventlist)
  • FixFixed a bug that you are able too book more places then which are available (if event number of bookings was higher then 1)
  • FixUpdated Liveupdate, now using download id instead of username / password
  • NewBanktransfer payment plugin

Matukio 2.2.1

  • FixFixing various bugs
  • FixLanguage string fixes
  • NewPay by cash plugin

Matukio 2.2.0 (Major Update!)

  • NewAdded JavaScript E-Mail Validation (if fieldname is email) [new booking form]
  • NewAdded JavaScript AGB Validation (if agb not empty) [new booking form]
  • NewAdded Warning if JavaScript is not turned on [new booking form]
  • NewAdded Payment options + payment total to confirmation page (Matukio now complies with the new german laws) [new booking form]
  • FixImprovements and bugfixes for the new booking form

Matukio 2.1.10

  • NewAdded Joomla plugin events (onValidateBooking, onBeforeSaveBooking, onAfterBooking etc.)
  • FixBugfix in contact participants form
  • FixFixed some small bugs in the backend

Matukio 2.1.9

  • FixFixed a Bug in the Module which caused some problems under Joomla 3
  • FixFixed some bugs in the certifcate system (frontend) - certification should now work without problems
  • FixSome other minor bugfixes and improvements

Matukio 2.1.8

  • NewAdded the navigation menu to the Matukio category manager
  • FixSettings should now work properly on Joomla 3
  • FixName and E-Mail are now required when contacting an organizer
  • FixThe contact organizer form should now work as intended

Matukio 2.1.7

  • Fixixing a bug not allowing to edit bookingfields with an higher id then 9
  • Fixnternet Explorer Button Bug
  • Fixvent file deletion should now work properply
  • Fixome other small bugfixes

Matukio 2.0.0

  • NewNew Booking form
  • NewAdded Joomla ACL Rules to the frontend
  • NewAdded mod_matukio to the package
  • NewAdded 4 different Views to Choose (Eventlist, Event, Create Event and Participants)
  • NewAdded Router for Search Engine friendly URL's
  • NewAdded the Control Center
  • NewYou can now download a calendar file with all not yet started events
  • FixReorganization and rewrite of the complete frontend and most functions
  • FixRemoved the complete useless JavaScript
  • FixFixed date timezone problems (Great Job Daniel!)
  • FixMerged CSS and fixed many layout bugs
  • FixRemoved various unnecessary settings
  • FixVarious Bugfixes
  • FixSo many more (20.000 lines of Code were changend / reorganized and rewritten)