Changelog for CForms - Forms for Joomla!

CForms 3.0.0 - Released 01-August-2017

  • NewDesigns / Templates for the form (Modern and TwoColumns, with more to come - beta)
  • NewStep Headings (1-2-3) in different designs to choose from
  • NewPre-fill form fields with Joomla user and user profile data (Create a mapping)
  • NewPre-fill form fields with previous submissions data
  • NewFile Upload field
  • NewLogin / Registration before form sending
  • NewMoved menu parameters to Form params
  • NewConfig: Parameters for minify JS and CSS
  • FixEditor performance improvements
  • FixFixed deletion of submissions
  • FixImproved Radio Button rendering
  • FixFixed deletion of submissions
  • FixFixed issues with no Label and validation

CForms 2.0.1 - Released 16-July-2017

  • FixCheck conditions on form loading (if they already match)
  • FixDon't show the selected field in conditions field select
  • FixRadio Buttons improvements and fixes
  • FixVarious bugfixes and improvements
  • NewUpdated german translation

CForms 2.0.0 - Released 06-July-2017

  • NewConditional fields (set when to show or hide a field)
  • NewShow / Hide Label
  • NewShow / Hide fields on certain devices
  • FixPerformance improvements
  • FixMultiple bug-fixes and minor improvements

CForms 0.9.5 - Released 12-January-2017

  • NewInitial open beta release
  • NewSubmissions better display
  • NewConfirmation page (as option in menu entry)
  • NewNaming of the send button (as option in menu entry)
  • NewStart / End Text in the menu entry
  • NewMultiple Submissions Export
  • NewSpacer Text with params instead of Label