Changelog for Hotspots - Google Maps for Joomla!

Hotspots 6.0.0 - Released 20-Aug-2021

  • NewJoomla4 compatible
  • DiffUpdates to Javascript scripts to use jQuery instead of Mootools

Hotspots 5.4.14 - Released 22-May-2020

  • FixImage upload on iOS > 13.4 was rotating it in the wrong direction

Hotspots 5.4.13 - Released 11-May-2020

  • FixSubmit form contained mootools code that was breaking when no mootools was loaded on the page

Hotspots 5.4.12 - Released 10-Apr-2020

  • Diffimprove address search usability - "clear search" is displayed whenever something is entered in the form
  • Diffimprove address search usability - entered address is treated as destination and not origin anymore.
  • Fixno feedback was given to a user when a direction search was failing ( e.g. due to a typo in the address)

Hotspots 5.4.11 - Released 29-March-2020

  • Fixmap on dashboard in backend was not loading properly
  • Newadded option to set the height of the map on a small device
  • Newadded option to unpublish a hotspot from the frontend (edit state & edit own permissions required)

Hotspots 5.4.10 - Released 27-Jan-2020

  • Fixthe delivered lib_compojoom package was missing font-awesome

Hotspots 5.4.9 - Released 15-Dec-2019

  • Newadded an option to set default directions unit (METRIC/IMPERIAL)

Hotspots 5.4.8 - Released 6-may-2019

  • Fixthe k2 plugin was not respecting the provided height and zoom setting

Hotspots 5.4.7 - Released 15-Apr-2019

  • Fixupdated the k2 hotspots plugin - now it works without mootools and doesn't crash with latest gmaps version

Hotspots 5.4.6 - Released 10-Feb-2019

  • Difffixing the google maps version of the api to 3.34 as 3.35 introduced some incompatibilities
  • Diffbetter handling of aliases when creating hotspots
  • Fixwrong category description in the CB plugin
  • Fixzip was not copied over from the CB plugin
  • Fixgeocoding requests in CB, k2 plugins were failing because of a missing API key for the google APIs

Hotspots 5.4.5 - Released 6-Jan-2019

  • Newadded a css class to the div that holds the language in the frontend form
  • Newadded an option to specify a default category for the hotspots submit form in the frontend


  • NoteNote
  • NewNew feature or addition
  • DiffMajor change
  • DiffSmall change
  • LangLanguage change
  • FixSecurity fix
  • FixBug fix
  • DelFeature removal