Changelog for CComment - Comments for Joomla!

CComment 6.1.12 - Released 20-Oct-2023

  • FixAnother try at fixing a crash on Joomla 5

CComment 6.1.11 - Released 19-Oct-2023

  • FixFix crash on Joomla 5

CComment 6.1.10 - Released 21-Feb-2023

  • DelFix deprecated function call (JArrayHelper) in Joomla 4

CComment 6.1.9 - Released 06-Feb-2023

  • DelFix wrong db structure for old installations upgraded to the latest version

CComment 6.1.8 - Released 10-Jan-2023

  • DelFix recaptcha causing a JS error when not enabled for a user group

CComment 6.1.7 - Released 20-Feb-2022

  • Delfix crash when trying to show CB avatars on joomla 4.x

CComment 6.1.6 - Released 20-Feb-2022

  • Delfix failing installation on some joomla 4 instances due to strict mysql

CComment 6.1.5 - Released 21-Dec-2021

  • Delbehavior tooltip was causing a crash in the comment module on joomla 4
  • Delincorrect redirect in comment module - thanks for the fix to @iona

CComment 6.1.4 - Released 26-Oct-2021

  • FixFix crash on Joomla 4 when editing global settings
  • DiffImprove discuss import

CComment 6.1.3 - Released 19-Sept-2021

  • Fixfix crash when editing a comment on PHP 8

CComment 6.1.2 - Released 31-Aug-2021

  • Fixquote styling wasn't properly applied to comments

CComment 6.1.1 - Released 29-Aug-2021

  • NewAdded quote styling in comments
  • FixFixed uninstallation notices
  • FixFixed wrong upvote/downvote count

CComment 6.1.0 - Released 22-Aug-2021

  • NewCComment is now Joomla 4 compatible!

CComment 6.0.14 - Released 12-May-2021

  • FixActivity chart on dashboard was not rendering properly

CComment 6.0.13 - Released 8-March-2021

  • FixFix failing new installations

CComment 6.0.12 - Released 4-March-2021

  • Fixon Multilingual sites requests to vote, edit, quote were redirected with 301
  • Newit's now possible for users to change their own votes

CComment 6.0.11 - Released 21-January-2021

  • Fixcomment submission time was not properly translated on multilingual websites
  • Fixbackend dashboard was missing the correct extension title

CComment 6.0.10 - Released 14-January-2021

  • Fixin multilingual setup the comment needs moderation message was not properly translated

CComment 6.0.8 - Released 25-May-2020

  • FixForm gravatar image was being loaded over http and not https

CComment 6.0.8 - Released 17-Feb-2020

  • FixAdd comment on top when sorting by newest first
  • DiffUpdated jceeditor to version 2.1.3
  • DiffUpdated vuejs library to version 2.6.11
  • DiffUpdated vuex library to version 3.1.2

CComment 6.0.7 - Released 23-Mai-2019

  • Fixhide reply button when the user is not able to post
  • Fixnot able to press the edit button a second time
  • Fixuploading an image was not working correctly in some situations

CComment 6.0.5 - Released 20-Dec-2018

  • Fixfix notices on php 7.3
  • Fixnavigating to Easyblog comments was not working

CComment 6.0.4 - Released 17-Sep-2018

  • Newuse vue.js in production mode
  • Fixnavigating to Easyblog comments was not working

CComment 6.0.3 - Released 10-April-2018

  • Fixenforce name and email when this is set in the settings
  • Fixin some situations the edit button on a comment was shown to the wrong user

CComment 6.0.2 - Released 9-April-2018

  • Fixwhen comments were moderated no message was displayed to the user that the comment was approved and is awaiting moderation

CComment 6.0.1 - Released 7-April-2018

  • Fixdefault captcha was not validating properly
  • Fixrecaptcha was not validating properly

CComment 6.0.0 - Released 4-April-2018

  • Fixthe reply button now respect the nesting level
  • Newadded a onAfterPrepareComments event allowing you to change the json returned for the comment list
  • Newadded a onAfterBuildQuery event that can be intercepted to modify the query fetching the comments from the db

CComment 6.0.0 alpha 1 - Released 26-April-2017

  • Newnew BBCode editor (SCEditor)
  • Newimage upload with drag and drop
  • Newnew template build on vuejs
  • Delremoved mootools dependeny in frontend template

CComment 5.4.1 - Released 4-February-2017

  • Diffchanged the ip field to varchar(45) in order for it to sae ipv6 addresses
  • Fixcustom fields values were not properly shown when editing the comment in the backend

CComment 5.4.0 - Released 29-January-2017

  • Newadded Reditem plugin
  • Fixdisqus has ids that don't fit in the int columns that we have. Changed importid and parentimportid to bigint
  • Fixfixed import bug with disqus comments
  • Newadd the title of the article in the search results
  • Fixwrong text in the search plugin
  • FixjDownloads plugin now works with version bigger than JDownloads 3.2
  • Fixconfiguration notes couldn't be saved

CComment 5.3.8 - Released 10-November-2016

  • Fixquoting a comment was not showing the user's name for non-registered users. ([quoted=null]...[/quoted])

CComment 5.3.7 - Released 31-October-2016

  • Fixnested comments were not shown on Joomla 2.5 (yes, we no longer support it, but we had to fix this)

CComment 5.3.6 - Released 20-October-2016

  • Fixthe url bbcode was erroneously adding http: when we had https urls
  • Fixthe BBcode class was throwing notices on PHP7
  • Fixrouting issue on multilingual sites on an nginx server
  • Fixfixes to the jdownloads plugin
  • Newdjclassified plugin
  • Newnew view for the notification queue
  • Fiximported comments had wrong parent id
  • Fixwhen quoting the quoted user name is not respecting the layout use name setting
  • Fixwhen notify user was set to no, editing a comment was creating a new comment
  • Fixrecaptcha incompatibility with matukio
  • Newwhen changing pages scroll always to the top of the comments
  • Newthe categories for com_content are now shown nested in the settings

CComment 5.3.5 - Released 17-December-2015

  • Fixthe hotspots plugin is now compatible with Hotspots 5.2.0
  • Newccomment can now install on installations with PDO mysql driver
  • Fixfixed a bug in the disqus import
  • Fixthe event titles were not properly fetched from matukio
  • Fixnotify "content creator moderator" was not working in matukio
  • Delgoogle has deprecated the ajax crawling implementation as they can craw pages as normal browsers now. Removed our implementation of it.
  • Fixediting a comment and selecting the option to be notified was throwing an error for missing e-mail
  • Fixuser JEVHelper::getItemid() to determine the correct Itemid for jevents entries
  • Fixthe jevents plugin now works with the latest jevents version 3.4
  • Fix[quote=undefined] when liking/disliking a comment after quoting
  • Diffuse CB code to get the correct plugin path
  • Fixwrong path to css file for the CB usercomment plugin
  • Fixwrong query on multilingual vm installs - thanks Max!
  • Fixthe links to easyblog items were wrong

CComment 5.3.4 - Released 26-August-2015

  • Newadded option to control the length of the comment posted in the activity stream in Jomsocial
  • Diffmaking some modifications to the default theme, so that it can better work on most templates
  • Newthe comments in the Jomsocial stream can now be shown with name or username
  • Fixdon't load the tooltips library when the option is not enabled in the settings
  • Fixcontent creator moderator was not working for com_hotspost
  • Fixmoved the ZOO plugin to the system folder as it no longer worked as content plugin
  • Diffthe search in backend now looks also for the commenter's name & email
  • Fixdelete icon in backend was not working
  • Diffwe now send a notification to the user when a moderator approves the comment through the link in the mail
  • Fixif the user selects to be notified of further e-mails validate the e-mail he has provided
  • Fixupdating the CB plugins to be compatible with CB 2.x
  • Fixerror in the docman integration when "content creator moderator" was set to yes
  • Fixthe link to hwdmediashare item was wrong
  • Fixadd a non-empty check for name and e-mail
  • Fixccomment was not working properly on multilingual VM installs

CComment 5.3.3 - Released 27-April-2015

  • Fixdocman plugin couldn't be updated on new install
  • Newupdated recaptcha to use the new "I'm human" recaptcha code
  • Fixfixed reordering issue with custom fields
  • Fixtypo in the komento import script caused the import not to function - thanks to Jordan Weinstein for reporting and fixing!
  • Fixwrong comment count when a new comment is added
  • Fixwhen comments were sorted by "new entries first" sometimes nested comments were missing on page refresh
  • Fixtypo in the update stream
  • Fixto ease some people added rel="nofollow" to our powered by link (even though the link is not indexed by search engines...)
  • Fixthe "custom fields" text in the form was hardcoded
  • Newoption to gather anonymous stats about the environment & configuration of the extension
  • Newadded JED review request on the dashboard

CComment 5.3.2 - Released 2-February-2015

  • Fixchangelog in the PRO version was wrong
  • Fixunable to save comments in the backend
  • Newthe docman plugin has been updated to support version 2 of the component
  • Newonce the comment is submitted close the comment form completely
  • Fixthe hotspots plugin now supports hotspots 5
  • Fixthe ordering of the latest submitted comment was not correct

CComment 5.3.0 - Released 5-January-2015

  • FixEasySocial avatars now use the path specified in EasySocial
  • Fixdon't show a custom field when it isn't filled out
  • Fixcustom fields were rendered several times depending on how many fields there are
  • Newadding a checkbox custom field
  • Newadded EasySocial avatar support
  • Newadded EasySocial profile support
  • Fixcb comment wall plugin was not respecting the use_name setting
  • Newdeveloper feature: onPrepareConfig event allowing you to override the config on initialization
  • Newadded option to sort on best comments or worst comments first (based on the votes)
  • Fixcb installation was showing an error when no language file was present in the package
  • Fixwrong date format for the cb user comments plugin
  • Newcustom fields support

CComment 5.2.2 - Released 19-November-2014

  • Fixwrong link generated by the matukio plugin
  • Fixno longer display error loading feed on the dashboard
  • Fixwrong link to rss feed in the dashboard
  • Fixthe installer plugin was missing from the PRO package
  • Fixwrong url for ajax requests on some installations
  • Fixwhen editing a comment, the wrong gravatar was fetched

CComment 5.2.1 - Released 22-October-2014

  • Fixcomment system was no longer loading when user wrote a comment and provided an email

CComment 5.2 - Released 22-October-2014

  • Fixthe installer plugin was missing for joomla 2.5
  • Newadded an option to minify the javascript files
  • Newadded an option to select the user groups that are allowed to post without moderation
  • Newadded an option for comment maximum depth level
  • Delno longer uses require.js
  • Fixon multilingual sites we no longer need 2 requests to fetch the comments
  • Delremoved features from core package: "disable comments in", "content creator moderator", "use names", "emoticons turn off"

CComment 5.1 - Released 09-October-2014

  • Diffusing the new compojoom installer library & database schema
  • Diffbackend now uses lanceng
  • Newuse joomla's update manager to update the component
  • Delremoved live update
  • Fixgravatar can no longer load default images through https. We'll use the standard mysteryman from gravatar for now
  • Fixbreak words in the comments in the module if they are too long

CComment 5.0.8 - Released 04-September-2014

  • Fixhikashop listings were always pointing to the same page - thanks to Nicolas from hikashop for fixing this
  • Fixsupport pictures option was not taken into account for ubb code
  • Fixhitting enter in the name or e-mail field was just hidding them
  • Fixfixed sql error caused by the latest comments module when using the mostcommented option
  • Fixmodule was showing wrong author name for edited comment
  • Fixwrong date format in the backend
  • Fixthe simple smiley set had wrong icon names
  • Fixeasyblog not showing the comment count
  • Newadding a count comment function that only returns an int - some components need only this and don't use our "write comment (x comments)" readmore

CComment 5.0.7 - Released 16-April-2014

  • Fixthe textarea was growing on each character with some templates and always on ff29 - textarea should have box-sizing set to border-box
  • Fix"Content creator moderator" - couldn't change the state of the comments (publish/unpublish)
  • Fixfixing an issue with the comments in zoo. When using the related element the comment form was shown multiple times.
  • Fixfixed - the module was outputting html in the tooltips
  • Fixfixed - the language strings were not loaded in the module
  • Fixno longer send emails to blocked moderators
  • Fixthe avatar for logged in users was missing from the form
  • Diffpowered by cannot be changed from the settings for the core version anymore
  • Fixfixing an issue with the compojoom namespace

CComment 5.0.6 - Released 10-February-2014

  • Fixwrong label desc for the date syntax in the settings
  • Fixmoving form validation bevor the requirejs call, because of incompatible punycode j3.2.2.....

CComment 5.0.5 - Released 07-February-2014

  • FixUpdated requireJS in order to fix a but introduced with j3.2.2
  • Newadding a plugin for DJClassifieds
  • Newadding a plugin for DJCatalog2
  • Fixproperly format an url that is a mail address

CComment 5.0.4 - Released 03-February-2014

  • Fixwrong tabindex used for the form fields
  • Fixpermissions for the backend access couldn't be modified
  • Fixwrong captcha/recaptcha position in the template
  • Fixnotify users of new comments only when their comments are published in the first place
  • Fixblocking IP was not working properly
  • Fixload recaptcha through the https protocol
  • Fixgravatar was not using the default avatar
  • Newadded ccomment-top module position
  • Fixmake sure that people can't enter another value for font size
  • Fixmake sure that big images don't screw the layout

CComment 5.0.3 - Released 19-November-2013

  • Fixgoing around the joomla cache, by putting the initialization code in a file (ccomment should be able to work with cache on)
  • Fixon some installations the k2 plugin was causing the backend of k2 not to work. Now only using the plugin when we are in the frontend
  • Newthe AUP plugin now respects the rules assignement method
  • Fix10.0.8.35 is detected as a url. Disabled this auto url detection.
  • Fixthe notify flag was set on all comments no matter if the user had selected it or not

CComment 5.0.2 - Released 03-October-2013

  • Fixdon't show the replay & quote buttons if user is not allowed to post
  • FixNo email was sent to moderators when autopublish comment was turned on
  • Newadded cobalt plugin

CComment 5.0.1 - Released 03-September-2013

  • Fixthe general import script had an error in it
  • Fixupdated CB user comments plugin
  • Fixnot all CB plugin were installed with the package
  • Fixadded new jomsocial plugin to render the activity stream (works on jomsocial > 2.8)
  • Fixyoutube video now respects the url scheme (http/https)
  • Fixsome language strings were missing from the language files
  • FixgetELement (...)' is null or not an objet on line 250 character 5 on media/com_comment/us/views/comments-outer.js
  • Fixplaceholder not showing on IE
  • Newadded placeholder support for browsers that don't support placeholders

CComment 5.0.0 - Released 13-August-2013

  • Newadded smart search plugin
  • Newadded search plugin
  • Fixthe latest comment module was not part of the PRO package
  • Fixthe k2 plugin was causing JForm::getInstance not found on some installations in k2 items
  • Fixanonymous was not translatable in the javascript files
  • Fixjoomla 3.1.4 has a bug and is unable to load the JHtml class if it is written in any other way than JHtml (JHTML, jhtml was invalid)
  • Newadded option in the template to auto show the name and email fields
  • Fixthe comments module was showing comments that were unpublished
  • Newadded gpstools plugin
  • Newadded communityquotes plugin
  • Fixfixed fatal error when the module was enabled on kunena pages
  • Fixfixed an issue with comment crawling
  • Fixnested comments - moderators only was not working as expected
  • Fixthumbs move down/up - thanks Josh!
  • NewAUP improvements - showing a message about the activity the user performed
  • FixHWD plugin was not installed properly
  • Fixadded margin to .ccomment-replies for templates that set the margin for uls to 0
  • Fixcomments were not showing up in HWDMediashare
  • Newadded AUP integration - user points are now assigned on comment & vote
  • Fixpossible fix for - require.js was not loaded
  • Fixfixing bug with import from jcomments
  • Fixcomment needs moderation was not visible when we were replying to nested comment
  • Fixunpublished comments were shown when they were nested
  • Newadded plugin for Communitypolls
  • FixgroupHasAccess was producing a notice if the second argument was not an array and that way breaking the component
  • Fixthe cancel button in the template was not translated
  • Newadded redshop plugin
  • Fixusing overrides/new template located in your_template/html/templates was causing an error
  • Fixcould not delete comments on some servers
  • Fixno message was output when the user comment needed moderation
  • Newadded support for kunena profiles
  • Newadded support for kunena avatars
  • Newadded Zoo plugin
  • Fixoptimised performance when working on the mail queue
  • Newadded back the docman plugin for docman 1.6.4
  • Fixhtml errors in the template
  • Fixthe installed version number was not visible in the backend
  • Fixtoo long words were not wrapped...
  • Fixfixing problems with the resizing of the textarea
  • Newadded plugin for dpcalendar
  • Newadded option to add the comments using the onContentPrepare event for com_content
  • Fixfixes issue with update from 4.2.1
  • Fixfixes issues with content tag {ccomment on|off|closed}
  • Fixcaptcha issues with selected group on j2.5
  • Fixupdate from 4.2.1 was not properly executed
  • Fixcaptcha usergroup selection was not having any effect
  • Fixk2 plugin was missing from the pro package
  • Newadded plugin for hikashop
  • Fixcomment system was not working properly when cache was on
  • Fix"use names" option was not working properly
  • Fixk2 plugin was not installed with the core version
  • Fixwhen the article is closed for further comments change the "write comment(x comments)" button to just "x comments" in list view
  • Fixjoscomment plugin recognises {ccomment on|off|closed} tag
  • Fixcomments were not loading on IE8
  • Fixk2 plugin was not installed in the correct plugin group
  • Fixuninstallation was not removing some plugins
  • Fixcomments were not displaying when the user was not authorised to post
  • Newemails are now sent either on page load or per cron job
  • Newadded plugin for com_matukio (Matukio - Event management)
  • Fixurl in notification mail is wrong for https sites
  • Newadded com_joomgallery plugin (check docs for more info)
  • Newadded com_jdownloads plugin (check docs for more info)
  • Fixwrite comment was not shown on category blog view for com_content
  • Fixthe link to docimport didn't have an itemId
  • Fixwrong username was shown in comment list in the backend
  • Fixtextarea was not expanding when the quote was bigger than the textarea
  • Fixmodule was not able to show the comments from multiple components
  • Fixuse the setLimit for comments in the module properly by respecting the bbcode
  • Fixcss fixes for embeded youtube videos
  • Fixfixing problem when updating from 4.2.1 & and a language translation is installed
  • Fixquote & edit were not working
  • Fixsome buttons were not clickable on the Ipad
  • Fixfixed issue 67 smilies break on vote
  • Newimplemented ajax crawling according to google's specification. Now comments should be indexed by search engines
  • Fixwrong license tag in few plugins
  • Fixmissing JEXEC statement in few files
  • Fixposting comment as logged in user was not working
  • Fixfixing a problem with reply to a comment
  • Fixnow scrolling to the comments only if we have the correct hash
  • Fixsettings were not correctly saved after the install
  • Fixbug fiexes for IE6
  • Fixbug fixes for IE8
  • Newadded plugin for Docimport
  • Fixfixed a problem with joomla's SEF :(
  • Newadded HWDMediashare plugin
  • Delremoved docman integration
  • Delremoved hwdvideo and hwdphoto integration
  • Fixupdated LiveUpdate library
  • Newadded jcomments, komento & disqus import
  • Newadded fb like on dashboard for
  • Newadded dashboard
  • Newadded an indicator when loading comments
  • Newmaking the form a little more user friendly on submit
  • Newoutput error messages to the user submitting a comment & validate form input
  • Fixupdated virtuemart plugin
  • Fixupdated ninjamonial plugin
  • Fixupdated the jphoto plugin
  • Fixupdated jevents plugin
  • Delremoved com_eventlist plugin as the extension is no longer supported
  • Newcb plugins are now installed during the ccomment installation
  • Fixupdating the com_comprofile plugin and adding the ccomment wall plugin for cb
  • Fixupdated adsmanager plugin
  • Fixupdated the easyblog plugin
  • Newadding the k2 and Hotpsots plugins to ccomment5 Core
  • Fixupdating the hotspots plugin
  • Fixupdating the phocadownload plugin
  • Fixcould not delete settings in backend
  • Delremoving JomsocialGroup & JomsocialGroupDiscussion plugins
  • Fixupdated the jomsocial wall plugin
  • Fixwrong message shown when comments were set to autopublish
  • Fixfixing a warning when no moderator group was selected
  • Fixone was not able to create new plugin settings
  • Newadd support for like & comment on the jomsocial activity stream
  • Fixupdated our jomsocial plugin
  • Newadding the bare minimum of bootstrap CSS so that the template can be displayed properly on sites that don't use bootstrap
  • Fixcss class was not properly added to comment
  • Fixdisplay component name when editing/creating a new stting
  • Fixfixing the backend CSS on joomla 2.5 (it doesn't come with bootsrap....)
  • Newuninstall now works properly
  • Fixwe are no able to properly update from 4.2.1
  • Newwe are now able to select which user group has the right to post comments
  • Diffupdated the K2 plugin
  • Delremoved the stringparser library as it is no longer used
  • Fixfixes for joomla 2.5
  • Fixshow pagination only if enabled
  • Fixthe DS constant is not available in j3.0
  • Fixselecting all comments to delete was not working in backend
  • Fixfixed strict standards warning when using jomsocial avatars
  • Delremoved legacy install/uninstall procedures
  • Delremoved plugin for sobi2 as the extension is not supported on joomla 2.5
  • Delremoved plugin for seyret as the extension is no longer supported
  • Delremoved plugin for puarcade as the extension is no longer supported
  • Delremoved plugin for jomtube as the extension is no longer supported
  • Delremoved plugin for mmsblog as the extension is no longer supported
  • Delremoved plugin for myblog as the extension is no longer supported

CComment 5.0.0 alpha - Released 15-May-2013

  • Diffsimplified backend
  • Newjoomla 3 support
  • NewClosely follows Joomla MVC conventions
  • Newnew template engine
  • Newnew default template based on bootstrap markup
  • Newnew bbcode engine supporting video, automatic link, code highlighting
  • Newauthor of article can be moderator
  • Newnew email templates
  • Newone click publish/unpublish comment from email
  • Newone click unsubscribe from future notifications of new comments
  • Delremoved legacy code - functions, templates (40k lines of code)


  • NoteNote
  • NewNew feature or addition
  • DiffMajor change
  • DiffSmall change
  • LangLanguage change
  • FixSecurity fix
  • FixBug fix
  • DelFeature removal