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  4. Monday, 23 January 2012
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 Hello. I have written article «Review Hotspots» http://aleksius.com/articles-2/miscellaneous/88-review-hotspots . Article in Russian. Translation into Russian for Hotspots 2.0.5 PRO for Joomla 1.7 from your site has not approached. I have completely translated the backend and frontend component parts on Russian. I did not use old translation. In a current of 1-2 months I will translate a frontend component part of a component on the Ukrainian language. To translate into the Ukrainian language backend part of a component there is no time. But if it very strongly it to be necessary, I will make it.
Translation "crude". If there will be questions, wishes or remarks I am ready to answer and make on them necessary corrections. If in new versions of a component to appear new fragments of the text which it is necessary to translate I am ready to make it. Only write to me about it.
I hope that all it will be useful for you. Successful business.
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