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  3. Wednesday, 12 December 2018
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I am interested in purchasing Hotspots Pro. I am curious if and when options will be available to add a location entry to either (1) multiple categories, or (2) tags that can be filtered. For example, lets say we have listings for "Car Dealers" and also "Boat Dealers" - what if a user wants to see both "Car AND Boat Dealers" during a search?

Example - I am needing a formatted way for a location to be assigned to (example) Cars, Trucks, Boats - and have a user be able to filter based on which locations offer any combination of these categories/tags/products etc.

I see there are custom fields - is it possible to achieve this here in the Pro Version? Something that can be filtered with a drop-down, etc?

And finally, will there ever be support to export / import via CSV file?


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