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  4. Friday, 31 May 2019
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i love the flexible feature of haveing "custom fields". It makes Matukio to fin many-many use cases, and met many business requirement I had in the last 3 years. I've included 3 custom fields already mainly as meta information for admins or to make the events filterable in the background (like Language).

Yesterday I got an all from one of my partners, that they want to roll out our "Matukio installation" for the major cities in Hungary. My first thought was "no problem, we just introduce a new field 'City'". As I done it (its a list of value type field), I wanted to make it a filter-field. Oh-oh.. on the UI you can just search on the value itself ... so we can't use this powerful feature? :( Maybe we could, if it were possible to implement a filter oprion for list of value-typed custom fields like we have for Organizers. So it would display the options, and the users could simply clock on it.
i'm quite surem that you wanted to implement this small add-on anyway with the introduction of the "Add filter" option, but somehow it ha been lost in the time dimension.

Thank you for your kind reply, I'm super excited if I can meet this requirement of my customer with Matukio


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