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Hello, We are trying to display Custom fees in the book now section (See attached). The problem we are having is instead of displaying a value of £55 it displays -£25. It seems to only give the discount of the original ticket. Is there a way to f...
William Alden Matukio supporter
New Member
Hello If we have a quantity of guests greater than 1 the field titles add numbers for each additional guest. Example: Name Name * 1 Name * 2 This is causing our guest to assume Name 1 and Name 2 means the first and last name instead of a...
William Alden Matukio supporter
New Member
Hello, I made a custom field with radio button to notify visitors that if the comment, they agree to the privacy policy. Only thing that bothers me... 'Custom Field' Title appears too. Don't want it to appear. How can i make it dissapear? Appo...
benny hermans CComment supporter
New Member
I have made select list as custom field and I want to make this available as a filter. In the filter options a the name of the filter is shown, that's great. But the options I added to select aren't shown, just a search field. This wont work like...
Pim Wijers Matukio supporter
New Member
Hi, Since the update to 7.0.1 im miss my old booking fields, which are specific to certain event/categories. They were called MAT_BOOKING_ZUSATZ1 etc. These fields were for additional client information which they have to filled you during book...
Marco Schnyder Matukio supporter
Senior Member
Hi, i started using the new Matukio 7 (RC2) on a test System. My Question: how could i generate Custom Fields per event like the 20 Custom fields in the old Version? (Best practice)...
Brungert Wolfgang Matukio supporter
New Member
Hi, I am looking for a comment component allows users to choose an option from a list of images. I was wondering if CComment custom fields can make this task. If it does I can go purchase a subscription. Do you have a demo of back-end admin? Thank y...
Hi, just something I observed while working with the component for the first time. I created a custom field list for hotspots and noticed the field was not being rendered for some hotspots, maybe about 30% of them. I traced it down to the fact that...
Paul Adamson Hotspots supporter
New Member
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