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I have made select list as custom field and I want to make this available as a filter. In the filter options a the name of the filter is shown, that's great. But the options I added to select aren't shown, just a search field. This wont work like...
Pim Wijers Matukio supporter
New Member
Hi, Since the update to 7.0.1 im miss my old booking fields, which are specific to certain event/categories. They were called MAT_BOOKING_ZUSATZ1 etc. These fields were for additional client information which they have to filled you during book...
Marco Schnyder Matukio supporter
Senior Member
Hi, i started using the new Matukio 7 (RC2) on a test System. My Question: how could i generate Custom Fields per event like the 20 Custom fields in the old Version? (Best practice)...
Brungert Wolfgang Matukio supporter
New Member
Hi, I am looking for a comment component allows users to choose an option from a list of images. I was wondering if CComment custom fields can make this task. If it does I can go purchase a subscription. Do you have a demo of back-end admin? Thank y...
Hi, just something I observed while working with the component for the first time. I created a custom field list for hotspots and noticed the field was not being rendered for some hotspots, maybe about 30% of them. I traced it down to the fact that...
Paul Adamson Hotspots supporter
New Member
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