1. Mariusz Szalkowski
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  3. Monday, 03 December 2012
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I have problem with using "Get directions" option for direction adress, that is composed with two (or more) words. For Example: When I put adress "Moniuszki, Swiecie" (Street: Moniuszki, city: Swiecie) then HotSpot shows completelly different (wrong) locations as a result: wrong city, wrong street.

When I put full street name as: "Stanislawa Moniuszki, Swiecie" then HotSpot shows correct locations.

I would like to see, that HotSpot option "Ger directions" works like a Google maps opstion, which in such a case automatically suggest, fill up correct full adress.

Could you make some kind of update to move this problem ?

In attachement you can see screenshots that shows problem with HotSpot moduele

Best Regards.
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