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  4. Monday, 23 January 2023
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I don't know if this is a bug, but the submission form all of a sudden, maybe after the latest update to Hotspots??? stopped working: the extra fields don't show and when someone fills it out everything looks like it is working but hitting the submit button clears the form and no data is sent to my Hotspots locations. I know I keep having problems with the submission form but they are all unrelated and I'm not doing anything different.

One thing I've been trying to do is to pretend I don't have K2 installed anymore and have been uninstalling some of the myriad mentions of K2. Everything seems fine. Form was working in June. I'm so sick of it. Takes emails out of my day trying to explain to people how I will work on it and we need to add people to the map.

Edit: the little icons for the various categories aren't showing up either. I don't get it.
Edit-2: I was wrong, the hotspots icons are showing but there are other places popping up with their own icons compliments of Google I guess so I was getting confused and overwhelmed with spots that aren't ours. Sorry!
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