1. Miri Marku
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  3. Monday, 25 December 2017
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I want to buy Hotspots Pro and CComments
I have to migrate about 7000 points from another component. And honestly I wanted to keep even my old URLs.

The old component is made like this



In all my url (of the old component) I do not have the category name, for example


and not
Hotspots reasons differently:
and seems to use the logic of Joomla, in all the url also puts the name of the category, type:


I also saw that hotspots, reaches same url with 4 different addresses:

why? :o
the seo pennalizes to get the duplicate url,nIt does not seem strange, that your quality allows things like that???

So for me, there is no chance, to make a migration while keeping the old url.
I really do not know what to do. :(

What do you recommend?
Will you make Seo updates for duplicate url?
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