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  4. Thursday, 01 August 2019
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I have a problem with category filters on frontend. I have a link to list of events in website menu. In menu preferences I chose to display by default only events with 2 categories. This works and once I click on this link a can see events from 2 categories only:

http://divemania.pl > Menu "Szkolenia" > "Zapisz się na kurs"

The problem is that on this website filters don't work. If I want to display now events from other categories and disable those 2 default, It's not working. All the time this 2 default categories (defined in menu setup) are on.

If category filter is disabled (ALL) in menu preferences then filtering works correct. This you can see on:

http://divemania.pl > Menu "Wyjazdy" > "Zapisz się na wyjazd"

Any ida how can I have filtering works also if category filter is on in menu configuration?
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