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  4. Thursday, 27 October 2022
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Hello. I updated Joomla to version 4.
For example, on this page in the comments there are pictures https://test.aleksius.com/joomla/sozdanie-sajta-besplatno-na-russkom
For this comment https://test.aleksius.com/joomla/sozdanie-sajta-besplatno-na-russkom#!/ccomment-comment=20479 it is clear that the proportions of the picture are violated.
If you zoom in on an image, it won't fit on the screen.
I'm definitely doing something wrong.
I want:
1) Images must retain their original aspect ratios.
2) After zooming to full screen, the picture should be displayed without deformation of the aspect ratio and fit completely on the screen (if there are black bars on top or bottom, this will suit me).

What should I do? Thanks in advance for your reply.
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