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  3. Wednesday, 06 February 2013
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This has probably been fixed since I installed my copy, but line 566 in mail.php, in mandrillSend(), is tossing an undefined notice, because it's counting $mAttachments, which isn't defined if there are none.

I just added a simple ...

$mAttachments = array();

... as the first line in that func.

-- hugh
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Ooops, I think this is the wrong forum. Didn't notice this was for CMandrill.

As you were. Never mind.

-- hugh
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Daniel Dimitrov
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Hey Hugh,
Yes, I think that I already fixed that. CMandrill is the continuation of our mandrill plugin. In matter of fact it is the mandrill plugin on steroids :)

Please if you use our extensions be so kind and review them at JED
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