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  3. Thursday, 05 October 2017 10:51
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Hi! We use CComments on a closed intranet environment. Users can comment on news articles. We have a few site managers that place the newsarticles on the site. But the actual content is deleverd by other people.

We would like to be able to add an e-mailadress to an article that wille be used to sen notifications to when a comment is added to that particular article. That way the person who send in the conent (not a site manager) will be notidfied of cahnges / new commes and - when needed - reply with a new comment of his own.

Now the site managers have to contact these person, telling them a comment has been added. Tha's a lot of work....

Is there a way to do this?

Is this a feature that can be added?

If not, would it be possible for us to somehow create a plugin, create a joomla article custom field (like ''notify_comment_email'), and then et the plugin send a notification to that email?

Kind regards,
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