1. Jip Jonker
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  3. Tuesday, 31 March 2020
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Hi! We are using CComments on several sites and we get some 'complaints' from the website managers about double e-mails they receive when new comments are posted. These users are member of a usergroup thats is set as moderator. We want them to be notified of new comments.

But they seem to get multiple mails about a new comment. Not sure if this is always or sometimes. I told the that, when they are also the author of the article they would probably get a notification by mail twice. But in some cases they are not the author and still get two e-mails.

It would be great if CComments could somehow detect if an e-mail has already been send about a new comment and then only send it once. Regardless of what group the user is in or if they are the author.

Any thoughts on this?

Kind regards,

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