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  4. Wednesday, 12 September 2018
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I am seeing the error below when trying to select an area on the map - this happens on the Submit Hotspot form. Weirdly this only happens when NOT logged onto the site, using form as a public user. Doesn't happen when logged on as a Registered User.

Uncaught TypeError: Map.Marker is not a constructor
at Object.createMarker (Map.Marker.js:5)
at Object.e.extend.$owner (mootools-core.js?8da7f0253ea7ac84640886f6d46a484f:2)
at Object.createMarker (submit.js:18)
at Object.e.extend.$owner (mootools-core.js?8da7f0253ea7ac84640886f6d46a484f:2)
at Vf.<anonymous> (submit.js:6)
at Object.trigger (js?key=AIzaSyCbk3FvAymzNj_0XK0SsaeEMJj6kz0sL9U:129)
at Vs (map.js:29)
at Ss (map.js:27)
at Object.lb (map.js:26)
at km._.n.lb (common.js:153)

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