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  3. Monday, 16 February 2015
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Hi Daniel
We are now pretty close to launching our app "Yacht Safe" that being said I am just having a few nerves implimenting the cmandrill api thing on a global basis.
our developers are not to good with this for some reason I think it should work.
Our site uses notifications triggered by user interactions.
I have a mailchimp template I want to use and it has a "Text box" which you can add text "I have manually added text in yellow" I am hoping the "main_content " tag will be able to populate this.
I will attach the part of the html in the template that I belive is for the text box Manually added text in Yello, would you be kind enough to have a look and let me know what I should to code this correctly please :0)
Also in the global setting in joomla / server where the mail settings are I an a little confused I will also attach a screen shot of the area I am talking about.

I do have the api setup but also smtp I am not sure what if anything to change.

If you like you can see what we are doing at http://www.yachtsafe.com.au

My Kindest Regards

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Hi Again I had an Issue with the upload
did screen shots for you
first is template html

second is the text box in the template GREY BOX

3rd is html in txt file


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Daniel Dimitrov
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When are you sending the mails and how are you sending them? If you do this in a plugin, you have to make sure to send it after cmandrill has been initialised in the onAfterInitialise event. Basically the plugin has to be first in the list with system plugins.
Other than that I have no idea. Normally you should just use the default JFactory::getMailer and it should be fine.

Please if you use our extensions be so kind and review them at JED
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