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  3. Sunday, 06 May 2018
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Hi, I use CMC plugins on my site and recently upgraded either Joomla or another module and a Javascript error with CMC has now come to light. It seems like the error existed before the upgrade, but it did not prevent any other components (scripts) from loading as it does now, so I never sought to get it fixed.

When I enable the following module, I get a Javascript error:
CMC - Newsletter subscription, Site, Module, 4.1.0

I've now disabled the module on a couple of pages. The error is still present on my site homepage (https://echoactive.com), when I check Chrome Console, I get:

1. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'setAttribute' of null
at js-8ea63-99950.js:685
(anonymous) @ js-8ea63-99950.js:685

at 685...

2. (index):35 Uncaught TypeError: cmc is not a constructor
at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> ((index):35)
at i (js-3063e-99950.js:38)
at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (js-3063e-99950.js:38)
at Function.ready (js-3063e-99950.js:38)
at HTMLDocument.K (js-3063e-99950.js:38)

at 35...
jQuery(document).ready(function() {
new cmc("#cmc-signup-253";);
Daniel Dimitrov
Support team
Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Well, I don't see a cmc form on your page right now, but you still have 2 errors. You've minified your javscript, so I'm not sure what you have there, but the first error seems to come from here:

You'll have to ask joomlart what's wrong there.

Please if you use our extensions be so kind and review them at JED
Matukio | Hotspots Pro | CComment Pro
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