1. Robert Fairhead
  2. Newbie area
  3. Saturday, 18 April 2020
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I'm testing your CComment Core Extension in a staging environment with a view to purchasing and installing the Pro version on my live website.

As part of the testing, I tried to Disable CComment in the Joomla Extensions Manager. That didn't stop the comments from displaying under my articles, so I tried Uninstalling the extension. The following messages suggested the uninstall was a success:

Uninstalling the component was successful.
CComment is now removed from your system
The option uninstall complete mode was set to false. The database tables were not removed.

However, when I tried refreshing the staging website the following fatal error displayed:


I recovered from this by reinstalling your extension.

My question is: how do you cleanly uninstall the CComment extension?

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