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(1) I used to see a little street view in the list of hotspots to the right of the map. Now they are gone. I don’t know if I want them, but what happened? I have a foggy recollection that the street view was disabled but can’t remember. I got a new map API which I’m using and have been using for several months, and the map seems to work fine, but I thought I read that one new feature of the latest hotspots update was to bring back the street view. No?

(2) When I go to the read more detail page that is created by K2, the little map is at the bottom of the copy/text and any uploaded image is at the top. When I go to the detail page created by hotspots the top image(s) look fine but the map is set to float right with the text at the left, and there isn’t much space between it and the text. Do I have the ability/permissions to change this so the map is under the text or maybe even floated left, and/or can I add the margin to the left side of the little map or the side where the text meets the map? Change some css? Don’t know where or what but has something to do with this blob of code (maybe):

Screenshot 2017-08-17 15.40.29.png Screenshot 2017-08-17 15.40.29.png

(3) And another thing, is there some way I can change the word “Title” in the field where the people enter so it says Business Name or Title of Map Location or something. People are entering things like “Owner” or some long string of text that they cleverly name themselves like “woman who raises sheep and knits” or something like that. Would it be a change to the php file? Using the Joomla Language Manager to change the text?

(4) And my last question, at one point I got an email whenever someone filled out the submission form to add a new location, but now I don’t and can’t remember/find where to enable that. Can you direct me to that?

Thank you!

Carol Jones

P.S. I see you have updated your website LOTS! Very Nice! Congratulations. Easy to find things even though I'm called a "New Member" which is odd after all these years.
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