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  3. Saturday, 12 December 2020
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I've had someone tell me she couldn't leave a comment on one my blog posts - I don't think it matters which post, but here's a link to the one she wanted to comment on:


I tested the posting a comment via my desktop browser and didn't have a problem. When I checked with her, she said she'd used an Android phone to post the comment.

So, I ran a number of tests on my phones and tablets with the following results:

Android tablet - okay
Apple phone - okay
Android phone - failed

After touching Send on my Android phone the Send button is replaced with a Saving... button and hangs.

I don't know what make of phone or Android OS the other person has, but mine is a Galaxy S8+ running the latest update of OS.

I can't find anything in the CComment configuration options that could cause this problem. I also searched your support database but couldn't find a matching problem - perhaps I used the wrong search criteria?

Could someone in your team run a test with their Android phone to see if they can post a comment? (The comments are moderated, so it won't go live.)

Or give me some tips on how to track down and resolve this problem?

of a couple of people tell me they couldn't leave
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