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  3. Sunday, 05 January 2014
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I installed this nice extension. Followed your instructions too, allthough I had some experience with Fanpages. But I got stuck now, I get this message now: 403 - This page is not directly accessible. The page I try to embed is this: https://www.texelsontwerp.nl/to-new/portfolio-texels-ontwerp?sec_key=koekoek. That seems to work, it says perfectly that I can only view this page from Facebook.

When I set the menu-item to Public, only the article for fans is visible, even if I don't like the page. And thats what should work anyway, isn't it?

Hope you have a solution, if you need more info, please reply...

Regards, Carst
Yves Hoppe Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Support team
Hi Carst,

the message "403 - This page is not directly accessible" is shown when:

1.) The site is not public
2.) AND the secure key is wrong

Best regards

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