In this section you can post questions about CComment Core. Please note that support here is provided by the community - this means other users as you. If you need official support you need to have a valid CComment subscription and you would be able to post in the CComment PRO section.

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Upgrade to PRO on CComments
CCOmments just paid for upgrade to PRO. Had core installed. Ran the PRO downloa...
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Posted on Wednesday, 04 November 2020
Description not appearing on webpage and in an ema
Good Day, For some events that my client creates, the description will app...
9 Replies
Posted on Monday, 21 September 2020
user notifications not working - pre-sales questio
Hi there, This is a pre-sales question: I am trying out CComment for the firs...
2 Replies
Posted on Thursday, 29 October 2020
  • #CComment
  • #CComment Core
Migration appears to hang or not work...
Migration hangs at Migration started! for several hours with no connections to ...
6 Replies
Posted on Thursday, 29 October 2020
How to add my own custom marker to a location?
Hi! I would like to have the option to add a custom graphic icon to the map for ...
2 Replies
Posted on Saturday, 12 September 2020
  • #marker custom options
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