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Error 403
If the user creates a note and opens it by clicking on the title of the note, th...
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Posted on Wednesday, 10 February 2021
  • #403 Forbidden Error
OSM in Hotspots - News?
Hallo Daniel, gibt es Neuigkeiten, ob oder wann in Zukunft OSM mit Hotspot fu...
13 Replies
Posted on Monday, 11 January 2021
  • Resolved
  • Can't save comments
    Can't save comments. When I click on "Save", it changes to "Savin...
    14 Replies
    Posted on Tuesday, 09 February 2021
  • Resolved
  • Getting a lot of 404 with ccomments enabled - JS s
    Hello, I get a lot of errors in the browser console: GEThttps://contentrep...
    2 Replies
    Posted on Monday, 01 February 2021
  • Resolved
    • #404
    • #bug
    Issue with Drupal images
    After parsing images, an error message appeared because CMigrator couldn't open ...
    1 Replies
    Posted on Friday, 05 February 2021