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Language file
Hi, I could not find the words below in language file. How can i translate th...
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Posted on Saturday, 18 August 2018
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  • New comment on article - cached?
    Hi! When I add a comment to an Joomla articles I see the comment after saving it...
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    Posted on Friday, 31 August 2018
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    Hi I have followed the guidance on:
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    Posted on Wednesday, 22 August 2018
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    KML File Size Limits
    Hi Daniel Is there a limit to the size of KML that we can render? I am try...
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    Posted on Saturday, 25 August 2018
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    Unterschiedliche Zahlarten pro Event
    Hallo zusammen, ist es ab Matukio 7 möglich für unterschiedliche Events untersch...
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    Posted on Friday, 31 August 2018