Matukio - Advanced events manager for Joomla

We're really excited to present our newest Joomla 2.5 Extension - Matukio. Matukio is a very advanced Events Manager based on the well known extension com_seminar by Dirk Vollmar. We are putting much effort into transforming Matukio into an modern MVC Extension - in the last couple of month we ported and polished it for Joomla 2.5, added new features and fixed a bunch of bugs. Take a look at the Matukio - Detail page for an overview.

We choose Seminar, because of its functionality, it's features and it's great usability. Sadly it seems that Dirk doesn't have the time to further develop the extension for newer versions of Joomla. In the next couple of weeks and month we will continue our complete rewrite of Seminar, introduce new amazing features and fix existing limitations and bugs. Matukio is still beta, so don't get mad at us when some things are not working the way you think they should - we promiss to fix them in almost no time and offer you Matukio for only 25 Euro (33 Dollar). Later it will be 39 or 49 Euro's, so you don't only support our work, but also save a lot of money when you buy Matukio right now!

Here is a small list of features planned in the next couple of months:

- Google calendar integration
- PayPal / Payment integration and Management
- Webinar management (a bit later)
- Search engine optimized URLs
- working hand in hand with our products Hotspots and Comment
- Calendar and Matukio content plugins
- Mobile version for smartphones with html5 and css3
- Much more flexibility and possibilities to present your events!
- New amazing template system
- Auto-generated tickets (with your design and barcode) as pdf, image etc.

- Custom registration and booking forms!
- Better Communication management, support for newsletter systems (like acymailing)
- Organizer pages (Presentation, photos and more)
- Export event-lists in more formats then csv
- Optimized presentation of events (full ajax driven and with stunning effects & design)
- Recurring events! 
- Multi picture / slideshow support
- Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, Share +1, Google plus etc.)
- Real calendar overview not just list views
- View by category, see by Year, by Month, see Today!
- List of Locations
- Top- and hot- events
- Event colors and Style-sets
- and so much more

If you have any ideas or wishes for Matukio, post them and we'll see if we can integrate them.  

P.S. In case you wonder what Matukio means - it comes from the swahili language and means??? Yep, events!!! :)

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