CMigrator version 0.2 stable released

I'm really excited to announce that today we finalized the new CMigrator 0.2 release. To get you excited as well I'll jump directly to the new features:

  1. Drupal migration
  2. Migration to K2

Yes, believe it! You can migrate your Drupal categories and articles in no time! If you migrate your content to K2, then you can even import your tags! (the wordpress to K2 migrator also support tag migration)

 Why do we do this? Well, the answer is easy! We love joomla and we think that everyone should use it! We know that it is diffictult to switch to Joomla if you have a website running on a different CMS and we try to help you with this. Migrate your site to Joomla today and get on with your life!

Check the screenshots of our new version below!




If you are already a subscriber and want to download the latest version click here. If you don't own a subscription then get one here!

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