BiggieSmalls demo site is online

Man, I'm so excited! Really, I don't know when was the last time when building a zip package, installing it, uninstalling it, bulding it again, installing it again, un.... was fun?!? Somehow when I visit compojoom and see the countdown my heart starts to beat faster and faster! I've made an online demo site for our beloved BiggieSmalls template. And to test, that everything is working as expected I made a new theme for it - called "Facebook" - when you click on the button at the top of the demo site you will understand why :D

However what I really don't understand is: why this idea never came to me in the past. A template with 129 params in the backend is much easier to configure than editing a css file! I don't have to use firebug to find the appropriete element - I just go in the backend - look at the template positions, edit what I want and ready! I made the facebook like look in 6min and 26seconds :D

Tomorrow is the big day! Stay tuned!

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