BiggiesSmalls 1.0 released!

Hey there!
You have no idea what troubles I had to release this template this morning :) First I didn't have internet connection at home yesterday evening. Today 30 minutes ago I deleted the whole site, while trying to delete a single email account :D Thanks God that the recicle bin was invented!

But I'm not going to bother you with my problems anymore :)! You all want just to know what's up with BiggieSmalls!?! It is out there finally, ready to be downloaded.

As a launch special I'm giving you the following deal. Till the 11th of September there is only one version available! This is the developer version of the template(which means, that you can use it on unlimited sites) at the price of the personal level license(3 sites). This way you can save some 70$ on this template!

Download, install, configure and let us know what you think!

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